Image War dance in 1851

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This is a watercolour painting created by the military artist Captain T J Grant in 1851. The image shows a Mäori woman holding a mere pounamu (greenstone hand weapon) and leading six male Mäori warriors in a war dance. The first male warrior holds a tewhatewha (a close combat weapon around 2 metres long); the second, fourth and fifth warriors hold upturned rifles; the third holds a taiaha (a long club around 2 metres in length); and the sixth holds a toki kakauroa (an axe head fixed to a long-handled shaft). All the male warriors have full facial moko (tattoo). The work measures 18.8 cm x 31.6 cm and is signed and dated in the lower right corner with pencil 'T J G/1851'. 'War dance' is written in pencil at the bottom centre.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This asset indicates that women led war dances - in this case a haka puremu (fierce ritualised dance to demand retribution for an act of adultery) is being performed; the haka (fierce ritualised dance) was in most instances led and performed by men.
  • It shows that women held positions of high rank - the female in this image is holding a mere pounamu, a symbol of power and influence that would not have been used by a person who did not command respect.
  • It indicates that Mäori warriors used a range of weapons - this image shows three types of weapons.
  • It reveals that Mäori used European weapons - three of the warriors are holding rifles, which are upturned to look like tewhatewha.
  • It is an example of the work of Captain T J Grant, a military artist who went to New Zealand to record Mäori warfare strategies and whose importance as a recorder of general aspects of Mäori society in the 19th century is now recognised.

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