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This is a poster in four colours - yellow, black, orange and blue - produced during World War Two by the New Zealand National Savings Committee. It shows a warship at sea overlaying a map of the South Pacific, on which New Zealand is highlighted in orange. The heading reads 'PROTECT NEW ZEALAND' and text below the illustration reads 'INVEST IN 3% NATIONAL SAVINGS'. The poster measures 48.7 cm x 36.2 cm.

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Educational value
  • This asset highlights the kind of poster produced by graphic artists employed by government agencies such as the New Zealand National Savings Committee, which were set up to support New Zealand's war effort in the Second World War - in this case, the poster is encouraging New Zealanders to invest in what were known as 'victory loans'.
  • It reveals an aspect of New Zealand's wartime economy - at the time, an absence of expensive imports had resulted in many New Zealanders having surplus income; the Government encouraged New Zealanders to invest this surplus in interest-bearing loans and bonds that it then used to finance the overall war effort.
  • It shows an aspect of the war effort - New Zealanders who were unable to fight were inspired and encouraged to do their bit by investing their money in the war effort.
  • It illustrates some of the problems New Zealand faced during the Second World War - Britain's defeat in Singapore in 1942 had resulted in concern about who would protect New Zealand, and posters such as this one were designed to encourage New Zealanders to invest by assuring them that their investment would help protect New Zealand and the region.
  • It highlights the role of art as a propaganda technique - posters similar to this one were used to encourage people to enlist in the armed services, and poster-like artworks by the official war artist Peter McIntyre portrayed the typical Kiwi soldier as an ordinary bloke doing his bit, helping to create an image of a person worthy of support and emulation.
  • It relates to an important step taken to maintain production, especially production of food supplies to support an embattled Britain, as the money raised also supported New Zealand's ongoing contribution as 'Britain's farmyard' - the work of men such as Peter McIntyre and the graphic artist Marcus King was therefore at the forefront of campaigns to encourage this aspect of the war effort.
  • It illustrates a poster typical of the kind widely displayed in venues such as theatres and other public places in New Zealand during the Second World War.

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