Text Reading an informative text: Fashion rules!

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This is an HTML resource for middle to upper primary students about how to answer reading comprehension questions that require them to compare, contrast, synthesise or classify information in an informative text. The resource has three tabs: Introduction; Text and questions; and Answer key. The Introduction tab discusses some helpful strategies. The Text and questions tab includes a text entitled 'Fashion rules!' and five scaffolded practice questions. The Answer key tab gives the correct answers, explains what needs to be done to answer correctly and identifies relevant sections of the text.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for students who have not yet developed the range of strategies necessary for correctly answering reading comprehension questions about informative texts. The Text and questions and Answer key sections of the resource are particularly helpful. They usually tell the students where to look in the text for the necessary information and explain how they need to think about or organise the information in order to answer the question correctly.
  • The resource is of value for the English curriculum for years 5 and 6, particularly for content descriptions that refer to navigating and reading texts for a range of purposes and applying appropriate text processing strategies including monitoring meaning. It may also contribute to students attaining that element of the achievement standards for these years that refers to their analysing and explaining literal and implied meaning.
  • The resource may also be of use in relation to the literacy general capability in learning areas or subjects where informative texts are routinely used, such as science. Comprehending texts is one of the organising elements of the literacy general capability and in year 6, learning continuums refer to students applying strategies for reading learning area texts and understanding, interpreting and analysing information and ideas in learning area texts.
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5; 6

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  • English

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