Teacher guide Play, wonder, create: drama contexts in early childhood - teacher resource

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This resource for teachers provides a series of experiences to introduce students in Foundation to year 2 to drama. Part one is a 'getting started in drama' toolkit with techniques, tools, activities and a start-up lesson that leads students into the creation of a puppet play to explain the mystery of an abandoned bear. Part two provides teachers with a step-by-step description of a drama that invites students to travel back in time and discover the challenges of an exploration journey to Antarctica.

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Educational value
  • This resource is of value for the Making and Responding strands of the arts: drama curriculum for early years, especially for content descriptions that refer to improvising, exploring and experimenting in drama, and reflecting on their own works.
  • This is a valuable resource for engaging students in dramatic play. It creates opportunities for students to work collaboratively to create roles, situations and dramatic action. They will improvise, perform and respond to drama using a variety of drama techniques. It is highly valuable for developing social skills related to Personal and social capability as students in groups negotiate their artworks and regulate their behaviour in order to perform.
  • This resource is relevant to Literacy priorities. Students will experiment with key elements of drama and develop ideas into narratives as they kinaesthetically explore ideas, roles and situations. This embodiment of vocabulary in drama is an engaging tool for students that can extend understandings of key texts and support their uptake of new words and terms.
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F; 1; 2

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