Learning objects Types of matter: quiz

TLF ID L5825

Test your understanding of the particle nature of matter. From a number of particle-level views of substances, choose the one that fits the type of matter required: solid, liquid, gas, pure substance, mixture, element, compound. For example, distinguish an element from a mixture and a pure compound. This learning object is the last in a series of six objects that progressively increase in difficulty. This content is also suitable for use on tablet devices (Android and iPad).

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students interpret atomic-level views of different substances.
  • Students identify different types of matter based on differences in their particle arrangements.
Educational value
  • Shows atomic-level views of solids, liquids, gases, pure substances, mixtures, elements and compounds.
  • Presents a sequence of 12 multiple-choice questions, each requiring students to pick the appropriate particle view from three alternatives.
  • Provides feedback to user input.
  • Allows students to access remedial information if unsuccessful.
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Learning area
  • science
  • Science/Science understanding
    • Science/Common substances
    • Science/Basic properties
    • Science/Investigation
    • Science/Molecules
    • Science/Observable properties
    • Science/Matter
    • Science/Properties
    • Knowledge;
    • Comprehension;
    • Application;
    • Analysis;
    • Synthesis
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    • Interactives;
    • Analysis;
    • Abstraction;
    • Comprehension activity
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    • Experiential learning;
    • Independent learning;
    • Visual learning

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