Open Explorer Builder

Welcome to the Open Explorer Builder tool. It enables students and others to create rich, focused multimedia experiences that can be both linear and non-linear. It can also be used by teachers to develop students' critical thinking skills and conceptual understanding.

Use Open Explorer Builder to create an interactive multimedia project, presentation or unit of work. Build alone or with others. Select an image to represent your topic or area of study, then add points of interest to it and attach appropriate content to each of these points. You can import images, audio or Flash Video files, and link to websites. Add your own captions and text. You can then create a set, linear 'tour' of your content, using different text and audio. When you've finished using Open Explorer Builder, publish your work as an Open Explorer ('Explorer').

Users of this published item can take the guided tour and then explore the content in more depth if they wish.

Ensure that the Adobe AIR application is installed on the computer, as it is required to run Open Explorer Builder and the published Open Explorer (Desktop version). It is available from
Select Open Explorer Builder to download and run the building application on the computer. Once it is downloaded, files created with this tool are saved to local drives. Published versions can be saved as an AIR application (Desktop) or as a Flash object that will launch in a web browser.
When the Desktop version is published, a 'play only' version of Open Explorer is created, which allows users to see but not edit the content. To allow others to work on your project or unit of work before it is published, you will need to copy your OEB project files folder and send it to them. NB: They must also have access to the Open Explorer Builder application.