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Shot choices

Screenshot(opens in new window) Student is asked to choose three parts of a photo to create a storyline and to explain how their shot choices help to tell the story.

Anticipated student response

There are many possible answers. Use the marking guide below to consider the student's response and judge how well they have explained their choice of shots.

Keep in mind that you are marking the student's justification for their choices as an aid to telling the story. Look for relevant, clear links rather than for complete sentences, as the space available will induce the student to use note format.
Response level Example student responses
  • The explanation is clear, demonstrating the intent of the shots to logically progress the intended storyline.
  • It closely links the three shots with things that occur in the story.
  • It may explain which parts of the photo were deliberately left out.
  • Correct camera terms have been used.

Close up of the car on the road shows the topic of the story. We can't see the people.

Long shot of the dust on the road. This shows the car is going fast.

Long shot of cliff and the hillside to show it's steep.
  • The explanation does not clearly demonstrate how the shot choices support the storyline.
  • It provides some links between the shots, but may not describe all three shots.
  • Correct camera terms may have been used.

Dusty dirt road, then a close up of the car going fast, big hill.
  • The explanation does not adequately show the link between the story and the shots.
  • It may simply note details or loosely link a single shot to an aspect of the story.
  • Correct camera terms may have been used, but this does not improve the overall quality of the explanation.

Duts, car, hill
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