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Screenshot(opens in new window) This guide is intended for use with Fix the mix-up: advertisement: assessment (L9690). It aims to help you interpret the student report generated by that object. Its sections relate to the individual responses in that report.

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Fix the mix-up: advertisement: assessment (L9690)
Description Test your understanding of how to select appropriate content for specific texts and contexts. Examine the mixed-up presentations of two speakers at an advertising agency. Find out what the audiences expect from the two presenters. Then review each presentation, examining the texts for language style, structure and delivery mode. Change the text and visuals to meet the audience's expectations. Describe how to choose language features and organise the content of on-screen presentations to help make them successful. View and print a summary of your work in a report.
Year level/s 3–4
Learning objectives
  • Select and use the appropriate type of text for different purposes.
  • Select appropriate content for specific texts and contexts.
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