John Collins recalls illustrations by Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker), 2007

Transcript of the interview

Kath of course was a pretty constant visitor to Jacaranda Press and we published her poetry in single volumes and then as a collection, 'My people'. And I think it was on about the third edition of 'My people' she was in the office and talking to people, as she always did, particularly people in the editorial or art departments, and she simply said 'Oh goodness, we could do an awful lot if we had some paints, you know'. And one of the graphic artists said 'Well, we could give you a set of Texta colours' - just these wax pens which little kids would use, or butchers would use putting up notices, you know, felt pens, nothing more, but lots of brilliant colours - and she said 'Good. Done!'. Someone went and fossicked them out, and she was away, back on the ferry, back to Stradbroke, back to Moongalba and in hardly any time - it must have been about, oh I don't know, it was less than three weeks, anyway, she'd produced a whole lot of stuff which we incorporated in the 'Father sky and mother earth' because it was a very strong part of the Dreaming and the illustrations fitted perfectly.