Super stories: verbs and adverbs: assessment: teacher guide


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This guide is intended for use with Super stories: verbs and adverbs: assessment (L8469). The guide aims to help you interpret the student report generated by that object. Its sections relate to the individual responses in that report.

Here are some key details about Super stories: verbs and adverbs: assessment.
Super stories: verbs and adverbs: assessment (L8469)
Description Assess your ability to choose effective verbs, adverbs and illustrations to increase the impact of a horror story and make it scarier. Explain the reason behind some of your choices.
Year level/s 5–7
Learning objectives
  • Students relate the nature and strength of evaluative stance in texts to language and multimodal choices.
  • Students use grammatical forms such as verbs and adverbs to evoke an emotional response from readers of a horror story.
  • Students analyse how particular language choices can give more or less emphasis, intensity, force or focus to evaluations.
  • Students investigate how images influence the reader to adopt certain evaluative positions about a text.
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