Metal munchers: assessment: teacher guide


Screenshot(opens in new window) This guide is intended for use with Metal munchers: assessment (L7557). The guide aims to help you interpret the student report generated by that object.

The last page of the report is for the teacher's feedback and comments. You need to ask the student to print out the report so you can complete this section.

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Metal munchers: assessment (L7557)
Description Assess your ability to make predictions and explain your observations. Protect a spaceship from metal-munching aliens by identifying metals to feed to them. Perform tests on a range of everyday materials to discover which are metals. For example, test whether wool will conduct electricity. Explain which tests are most useful by referring to the common properties of metals: reflectivity, malleability and conductivity. Print a report of the investigation.
Year level/s 5–6
Learning objectives
  • Students explore the physical properties of a range of everyday materials.
  • Students use the 'predict, observe, explain' model to gather data on a range of everyday materials.
  • Students identify the common properties of metals as conductivity, pliability and reflectivity.
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