Leadership and ICT


In a series of filmed interviews, school leaders discuss the 'game-changing' nature of technology in the classroom and how to practically and theoretically approach technological integration into the curriculum. Using the '8 Forces for leaders of change' to scaffold an approach to leadership and technology, principals and other school leaders talk about the ways in which change needs to be understood and then implemented in a practical way, with many examples of how to engage whole staff participation.

Educational value

  • These are valuable resources for school leaders and teachers who wish to gain insight into the thinking and practical application of theory in leadership through a time of great change in education.
  • Through the scaffold of Fullan, Cuttress and Kilcher's '8 Forces for leaders of change' (2005) and filmed interviews, school leaders explore ways of dealing with the huge change confronting schools in this era. They discuss methods of building staff capacity, the nature of change, approaches to behaviours of staff and students with technology, and the sharing of practical approaches to harness the best elements of pedagogy, content and technology.
  • Case studies allow an in-depth discussion of the emerging questions around how it is student behaviour and not technology that needs to be modified, cyber bullying, the growth of personal devices, and teaching as a deeply human experience in a time of growing technology.