Part 1: imagining space

Earth, Moon and the Milky Way

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In Part 1, students explore their existing knowledge of space, and use elements of drama and dance in a series of responses to the digital resource Blast off with NASA astronaut Rex Walheim: part 1 of 4.

They use their imaginations, their voices, found objects and their bodies to create shapes, characters and stories.

Note: some children may not be familiar with using drama and movement to explore ideas. Teacher modelling may be useful here. You could model and have students copy or mirror as an introduction to the activity.


  1. Activity 1.1: shapeshifters
  2. Activity 1.2: aliens – the game
  3. Activity 1.3: Galileo's telescope
  4. Activity 1.4: blast off with NASA astronaut Rex Walheim
  5. Activity 1.5: making the spaces of space – performance