Part 2: developing, experimenting and resolving – spacey ideas

Shuttle taking off

Kim Steele/Getty Images

In Part 2, students use drama and dance to respond to and explore their understanding of life in space as experienced by astronaut Rex Walheim. It is suggested that you and your students revisit the online resource Blast off with NASA astronaut Rex Walheim: part 1 of 4 at particular points. Timing cues are provided in the activities so that the relevant sections can be found quickly.


Journey to space

The following three activities use drama and dance/movement to explore Rex Walheim and his fellow astronauts' journeys into space. (Time cue: approximately 4:45–6:00.)

  1. Activity 2.1: blast off! – dance/movement sequence
  2. Activity 2.2: creating soundscapes – use of voice
  3. Activity 2.3: Mission Control to Mission Shuttle – scene and script

Life of an astronaut

  1. Activity 2.4: the astronaut in space – guided role-play
  2. Activity 2.5: spacewalking – dance/movement
  3. Activity 2.6: suiting up – drama and design
  4. Activity 2.7: there's no place like home – drama and design