Activity 2.3: reflection

  1. Have students create a storyboard in their journals about their journey. Ask them to choose the key moments and title them.
  2. During a class discussion, invite the students to consider why we go on journeys and why we want to discover new things or find old things.
    • What other journeys would they like to do in the future?
  3. Discuss with students their role play in the drama.
    • Did they enjoy it?
    • What did they find hard?
    • What did they learn about?
    • How did it feel being in the shoes of other people from history?
    • What questions do they have?
    • What were they left wondering about?

Cross-curriculum activities can also occur as part of the reflection. Students can hear the true stories of Australian explorers in Antarctica, the effects of global warming on Antarctica or look more closely at the sea animals. Children may want to draw their boats and images from Antarctica after the drama and retell the narrative.