Activity 2.4: assessment opportunities

Getting started in drama

The main form of assessment will be teacher observation checking to see each student's ability to negotiate key elements of drama in the 'Creating a puppet play' section.

You can refer to the following checklist:

  • Did the student show the ability to give and take offers?
  • Could they create roles for the exercises, for example the freeze frames?
  • Could they apply story structure to the puppet play?
  • Did they share comfortably their puppet play with an audience?
  • Did they listen and watch the puppet plays of others?

The Antarctic explorers

In-role oral assessment for the explorers.

Make an assessment of the oral in-role presentation of each student as a scientist or explorer at the end of the drama.

  • Did the student take on the point of view of the fictional character?
  • Did the student use their voice and body language to create the role?
  • Did the student speak with fluency when it was their turn and listen when it wasn't?