Dance / Year 5 and 6

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Curriculum content descriptions

Explore movement and choreographic devices using the elements of dance to choreograph dances that communicate meaning (ACADAM009)

  • improvising new movement to communicate ideas in response to stimulus, for example, exploring the relationship of close proximity of dancers grouped together to represent overcrowded cities
  • exploring stimulus or analysing other dances to devise a variety of movement possibilities, for example, different ways to jump and land, roll and stand or spiral down to the ground
  • exploring character and mood by experimenting with elements of dance in a range of set, teacher-directed or student-devised dances
  • Considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations: For example – How is the movement of the body used to represent a story, character or idea? How does space, costume and/or multimedia communicate meaning in this dance?
  • selecting, combining, arranging and refining movement using choreographic devices such as canon and unison
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Dance composition,  Symbolism (Art movements)


Storytelling through dance

Students will learn about how visual images can inspire dance and using expressive qualities to communicate these ideas. Students will also have the opportunity to reflect on their own work.


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