• Scootle Community

    Scootle Community is a national professional learning network for all Australian educators - a place to belong, connect and reflect.

    Scootle Community
  • The Scootle Lounge

    The Scootle Lounge provides an ongoing feed of teaching and learning resources, conversations and strategies to support and connect Australia's educators. Subscribe to the Scootle Lounge for education news and professional learning content.

    The Scootle Lounge
  • National Literacy and Numeracy Week

    Read the latest ESA News featuring lesson ideas, app recommendations, videos and interviews to help explore, celebrate and promote the Department of Education and Training's National Literacy and Numeracy Week, taking place August 31 - September 6.

    National Literacy and Numeracy Week
  • Build and assign tests in Improve

    Improve contains a large collection of assessment items in the English, mathematics and science subject areas. It enables teachers to create tests suitable for a range of learners, and connects teachers, students and parents to advance student learning outcomes.

    Build and assign tests in Improve
  • Language Learning Space

    The Language Learning Space is custom-designed for language teachers and students supporting Indonesian and Chinese language with Japanese to come. Students enter an exciting world of challenges in an immersive 'graphic novel' environment where they engage with media-rich resources to practice key language skills in context.

    Language Learning Space

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Video: Curate, connect and find content aligned to the Australian curriculum 2:03

Video: curate, connect and find content aligned to the Australian curriculum

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Browse over 20,000 quality-assured digital learning resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Filter your search to uncover a wealth of relevant teaching and learning items.

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Organise, annotate and share your curriculum resource collections with students or colleagues by building Learning Paths and Collaborative Activities.

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Explore ESA's Learning Services including Scootle Community, Improve, the Language Learning Space, ABC Splash and more to connect with like-minded teachers from around Australia.