Dance / Year 9 and 10

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Curriculum content descriptions

Structure dances using movement motifs, choreographic devices and form (ACADAM023)

  • structuring dance using devices such as chance theory (for example, dice) and changing the order and pattern of dance movement, phrases or sequences
  • developing movement motifs by manipulating the elements of dance to communicate their choreographic intent
  • selecting choreographic devices and form appropriate to their choreographic intent
  • documenting their creative process, including use of analysis and evaluation strategies, in reflective records
  • Considering viewpoints – psychology: For example – What emotion did you feel most strongly as you viewed the dance?
  • responding to feedback and using self-evaluation to vary and modify motifs, structure and form
ScOT terms

Dance motifs

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Discover more about dance by using stimulus as a starting point for dance composition and explore the elements of dance to communicate the idea of a Firebird.



A resource designed for students in the Stage 5 Dance course in the components of performance, composition and appreciation. Students will identify and describe how ideas for dances have developed from a stimulus.


We must preserve what's left!

Explore the three components of dance as students develop knowledge about movement content in dance and how the choreographer makes choices to communicate an idea.