Drama / Year 7 and 8

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Curriculum content descriptions

Plan, structure and rehearse drama, exploring ways to communicate and refine dramatic meaning for theatrical effect (ACADRM042)

  • planning, organising and rehearsing dramatic action to stage devised and scripted drama, for example, arranging use of available theatre technologies and collaborating in rehearsal to stage drama for a clear and intended purpose and effect
  • using feedback and evaluation when rehearsing, devising and scripting drama
  • Considering viewpoints – elements, materials, skills and processes: For example – What elements, forms and styles have been used? How have the elements and materials been used and organised to create meaning in different forms and styles? What elements, forms and styles are you using in your drama and why? How have design elements been used and why?
  • analysing and evaluating the structural choices made in their devised drama by documenting their process in records such as journals, blogs, and video or audio recording (with consent of participants)
  • interpreting and directing scripted drama and considering the use of design elements for theatrical effect
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Themes (Texts),  Rehearsal (Performance),  Drama (Arts)

Teacher resource

Radio drama

This is a resource that focuses on how sound is used to create and enhance drama. It features a video of actor Marian Haddrick talking about sound in drama and performing a radio play with Brendan McCallum using props to create a sound score. The resource includes three activity sheets on soundscapes, radio advertising ...

Teacher resource

Drama activities with masks - item 3 of 3

This is an online resource that focuses on how to use a mask in Drama. It contains a video featuring performer Fleur Hockey presenting on how to use a mask in performance, an activity sheet, and teacher notes that include warm-up exercises and extension activities for other learning areas. The video presents rules for performing ...

Teacher resource

Be on the Safe Side Year 7-8 The Arts (Drama)

This is a unit of work that uses the concept of rail safety and the setting of the rail network to explore character, roles and situations; there is a particular focus on bullying and the bystander effect. Learning opportunities for students include scripting, performing and revising their own drama. The resource includes: ...

Teacher resource

Hahoe mask drama

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore the Korean Hahoe mask drama. The teacher notes provide background information about Korea, the traditional mask drama and pedagogical advice. The stimulus resources consist of images of the play and masks, ...


Indigenous Theatre Perspectives

This online library provides teachers with resources to access Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander theatre practitioners and performing arts agencies.

Interactive Resource

The art of ancient Greek theatre - online exhibition

This is an online exhibition about theatre in ancient Greece. Presenting objects from various museums, the exhibition has two main components. The first is 14 artworks, including sculptures, painted vases and a rare fragmentary papyrus. The second component is an audio file of readings from lines 297-348 of Sophocles's ...

Teacher resource

Stages of life - unit of work

This unit looks at life and its cyclical nature from the perspective of both the poet and the scientist. Students will develop an understanding of basic plant biology while simultaneously exploring aspects of the play 'As you like it', including the seven stages of life speech. The unit aims to foster an understanding that ...


Masumi Hiraga Jackson

This is a collection of online materials developed by Museum Victoria about Masumi Hiraga Jackson, a Japanese migrant to Australia. The materials describe Masumi's decision to stay in Australia after the death of her husband in 1987, and look at how she immersed herself in Japanese cultural activities such as Noh theatre ...