Drama / Year 9 and 10

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Curriculum content descriptions

Evaluate how the elements of drama, forms and performance styles in devised and scripted drama convey meaning and aesthetic effect (ACADRR052)

  • analysing how the elements of drama are manipulated to focus the dramatic action for audiences and using this information to refine drama they make
  • evaluating how the features and conventions of forms and styles create dramatic meaning and theatrical effect
  • Considering viewpoints – philosophies and ideologies: For example – How has drama theory been used in creating and performing this text?
  • evaluating how ideas and emotions shape the expressive qualities and staging of forms and styles in their own and others’ drama
  • Considering viewpoints – evaluations: For example – How successful were the actors and director in conveying the playwright’s stated intent? How successfully have the design elements been incorporated into the drama?
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Symbolism (Art movements),  Drama (Arts),  Aesthetics


Drama: responding

This is a web page containing 14 links to: Introduction to documentary response; Making links between stimuli; Social, cultural and historical factors; Devising drama; Role on the wall; In-role writing; Annotating a script; Interpreting and staging a scene; Focus on body language; Evaluating a theatrical performance; Using ...


Drama: galleries

This is a web page containing links to four different galleries: Costume; Hats, wigs, masks and make-up; Expression; and Character. Each of the gallery pages contains examples with photos and brief descriptions of: costumes from throughout the ages; various hats, wigs, masks and make-up styles; facial expressions, gestures, ...


Indigenous Theatre Perspectives

This online library provides teachers with resources to access Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander theatre practitioners and performing arts agencies.


Drama: exploring

This is a web page containing links to four topics: Explorative strategies; The drama medium; The elements of drama; and Drama texts and play texts. Each of these sections contains interactive activities, information and photos. The resource also has a navigation pane with links to information about other UK secondary subjects, ...

Teacher resource

Drama and photography

This is a resource that focuses on using photography and symbolism as a stimulus for dramatic works. It features a video of Marian Haddrick talking about using multimedia for inspiration for drama, and demonstrating the use of photography in dramatic works. The resource includes three activity sheets and a symbolism image ...

Teacher resource

Using 'The Scottish play' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea includes reflections following the teaching of R11559 'The Scottish play - unit of work'. Students are introduced to Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' and explore its historical context, plot and themes through drama-based activities.

Teacher resource

Be on the Safe Side Year 9-10 The Arts(Drama)

This is a unit of work that uses the rail network to explore the characters, situations, viewpoints and actions that occur in this setting; there is a focus on how to behave safely on and around the rail network. Learning opportunities include scripting, performing and revising a drama performance as well exploration of ...

Interactive Resource

Drama: dressing room

This is an interactive resource that focuses on costume and presents four character options that can be dressed from a range of different costume options. There are selections available for tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and fancy dress outfits. Each of the outfits can be customised, with a range of colour and texture ...

Interactive Resource

Improv Suggestifier - iTunes app

Quickly find ideas for improvisation practice with this tool which gives you random suggestions in a choice of 10 different categories. Free when reviewed 28/5/2015


Masumi Hiraga Jackson

This is a collection of online materials developed by Museum Victoria about Masumi Hiraga Jackson, a Japanese migrant to Australia. The materials describe Masumi's decision to stay in Australia after the death of her husband in 1987, and look at how she immersed herself in Japanese cultural activities such as Noh theatre ...