Media arts / Foundation to Year 2

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Curriculum content descriptions

Create and present media artworks that communicate ideas and stories to an audience (ACAMAM056)

  • capturing and sequencing images and text to create comic books that retell familiar and traditional stories to share with the class
  • Considering viewpoints – societies and cultures: For example – What images will I use to tell my traditional story?
  • collecting and sharing, with permission of the people involved, class stories and presenting them in the form of a class news bulletin.
  • creating, rehearsing and recording a radio play and seeking permission to share it with another class
  • producing and presenting a media artwork for a particular purpose, for example, creating an advertisement that recommends appropriate behaviour when using cameras in the room
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
ScOT terms

Media arts

Interactive Resource

Play School Art Maker - iTunes app

Create collage pictures, short animations and slideshows with toys and craft items from ABC Play School. You can upload your own photos for background and add audio to the videos. Pictures and animations can be saved in app or exported to your device. Free when reviewed 27/5/2015

Interactive Resource

LEGO® Movie Maker - iTunes app

A basic editable stop-motion animation tool. Take a series of photos and let Lego movie stitch the frames together to create your own video. It has options to include visual effects and a soundtrack. Free when reviewed 26/5/2015

Interactive Resource

Toontastic 3D - iTunes app

Create and share your own cartoons. Choose from a range of characters or create your own. Select from the many settings and start to create your cartoon. Free when reviewed 5/6/15.

Interactive Resource

Create Explore Learn at RCH - app for iPad

This is an app designed for iPad and iPhone that encourages children to use their imaginations to create artworks based on the unique art and design installations on display within the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. The five activities provided in the app include making a meerkat collage, creating a tapestry drawing, ...

Moving Image

Sharing stories: culture

This is a rich resource about the many intertwined aspects of Aboriginal cultures, including law, Country and Dreaming. It consists of an introduction, a teacher guide, three films made by Aboriginal students ('The Ngatji and paddle steamer', 'Bilwal medicine' and 'Thunderman') and two video interviews, one with Jarlmadangah ...

Moving Image

Sharing stories: community

This is a rich resource about the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' communities and identities. It consists of an introduction; a teacher guide; a film, 'My people, the Karajarri people', made by Wynston Shoveller about the Mowla Bluff massacre in the Kimberley region in 1916; and a video interview ...

Teacher resource

Arts-POP: arts packages of practice

This website provides infrastructure and material to support teachers in the classroom teaching of the arts curriculum in primary school. It contains units in all the arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts; and each of these units has a selection of supportive material that may include demonstration ...


Contemporary Aboriginal Media

This online resource provides teachers with direct links to national and Western Australian based Aboriginal media arts programs, filmmakers, producers, digital artists, media broadcasters in film, radio and print media, film making protocols, and suggests relevant mobile applications for study or use by students.

Interactive Resource

Snapseed - Google Play app

Retouch, adjust perspective and re-edit your photos with this photoediting tool. Free when reviewed 26/5/2015

Interactive Resource

Snapseed - iTunes app

Retouch, adjust perspective and re-edit your photos with this photoediting tool. Free when reviewed 26/5/2015