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Media arts / Year 9 and 10

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Curriculum content descriptions

Produce and distribute media artworks for a range of community and institutional contexts and consider social, ethical and regulatory issues (ACAMAM077)

  • producing media artworks for safe posting on suitable social media sharing sites, taking account of ethical and legal responsibilities
  • Considering viewpoints – critical theories: For example – What are the social and ethical implications of a viral marketing campaign?
  • investigating the production context of a media artwork and producing the work within a specified budget and timeline
  • organising and curating a school media arts festival or exhibition
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
  • Ethical understanding Ethical understanding
ScOT terms

Social media,  Legal release,  Promotion (Marketing)


Poster art

This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about posters as media art. It includes sections on the purpose and core elements of posters, the use of health campaigns to raise awareness of health issues, the use of public health posters to address health issues of the day, and different presentations of malaria health ...


Did you see it? Subliminal advertising

Are you persuaded to purchase products by the advertising you see on TV? If advertising was so subtle that we couldn't distinguish it from the content of the shows we watch, what effect might this have? Watch this clip and find out how some advertisers are using hidden messages to advertise products and influence our purchasing ...


Interviewing tips for a video interview

You've got your questions, your equipment, your location and your interviewees. How do you do the interview? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open have some practical advice for you. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.


Finding an audience for digital art

Are festivals, galleries and exhibitions outdated and ineffective compared to the opportunities presented to artists online? Paul Robertson's animations are seen by millions at the click of a mouse. The distribution and 'exhibition' of his work raises questions about the traditional mechanisms of the art world.


TrackSAFE Education Primary School Resources: Foundation, Year 1, Year 2 Health & Physical Education

This unit of work introduces students to the importance of safe behaviours in and around tracks and stations based on a real or virtual visit to a station, local level crossing and tracks. The central focus is familiarisation with main elements of the train network and responsible actions around crossings, platforms and ...


John Danks and Son product catalogue, c1900

This is a booklet promoting household appliances sold by John Danks and Son Pty Ltd stores in Melbourne and Sydney. It consists of 16 pages of illustrated products, with a grey cardboard cover. The front cover features a line drawing of a woman wearing an apron and standing at a Lux stove. The back cover features a list ...


Interior of milk bar, Middle Brighton, 1968

This is a black-and-white image depicting a male company representative in a milk bar in Middle Brighton, presenting a man and two children with the keys to a Honda 50 motor cycle. They have just won it as part of a competition called the Sun 'n Fun Game associated with Sun Valley and Twisties products. This is made clear ...


Camera operator filming a woman cooking on a barbeque, 1970

This is a black-and-white image from a negative depicting a male camera operator filming a woman cooking meat on a small barbeque, next to a swimming pool in a private garden. Another crew member is holding a board in front of the camera. On the board is written in chalk, 'VULCAN / SCENE 30G / TAKE 1'.


Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1950

This item is a 1950 brochure printed in Australia advertising 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators. It is titled 'Your New Frigidaire Built and Backed by General Motors With Money-Saving Meter-Miser'. The brochure is one sheet folded in half and printed in several colours including blue, mustard and black on a white ...


Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1938

This is a colour brochure dating from 1938 that advertises the 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators made by General Motors-Holden Ltd. Titled 'Frigidaire - Better than ever before!' the brochure features a white and blue background with black text and black-and-white photographs. The front features a hand-tinted photograph. ...


Rock band launching opening of Amoco service station, 1970

This is a black-and-white image from a negative depicting a small crowd of teenagers and children watching a rock band perform at the opening of an Amoco service station. The band has five members and is performing on a temporary stage on which the name of radio station 3AK is clearly emblazoned. A sign 'AMOCO' is visible ...


Space suit in communications display at the Royal Melbourne Show, 1969

Colour image from the original negative depicting a male government worker explaining a space suit (worn by a mannequin) to a group of adults and children. Behind the mannequin is a display of posters, photographs and models relating to space exploration. The negative is 103 mm wide and 100 mm high.


GTV9, shooting a commercial on set, 1969

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a group of actors rehearsing for a Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercial in a studio at GTV-9 Television. Three men, wearing white shirts and ties, are seated at a table on which are laid breakfast items. Behind them stand a woman and man who are looking at ...


Advertising sign for Arnott's Biscuits, 1930-50

This is a hand-painted enamel and wooden Arnott's Biscuits advertising sign made in Sydney, New South Wales. A gold border surrounds the blue-grey background with text in black and red lettering: 'CHOOSE YOUR / Arnott's FAMOUS biscuits / THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY'. The Arnott's parrot trademark is at lower left. ...


Minidress with bloomers, 1965-70

This is a red-and-white checked cotton and lace outfit comprising a minidress and bloomers. The sleeveless dress features a fitted bodice with a high round neckline and high waistline. The neck and waistline are trimmed with white lace braid and red ribbon, and the dress has a centre-back opening with button fastening. ...


Advertising sign for 'Gillespie's Celebrated Buffalo Boots', 1875-1916

This is a point-of-sale advertising sign made for C Gillespie by John Sands Ltd, Sydney, at some time between 1875 and 1916. The sign was displayed at a store run by Sat and Amelia Wong near Crookwell in New South Wales. It is in portrait format on thick card with a light-green background, a colour illustration of a buffalo ...


Snakeskin boots worn by Irene Combe, 1965-70

This is a pair of tight fitting boots made in yellow and brown snakeskin (possibly Australian carpet snake) with a square toe and thick block heels. The boots have side zipper openings and a cuff that fastens with two press-studs. The boots are fully lined. They were originally owned and worn by Australian model Irene Combe ...


Getting ready for work

This resource contains information, activities and tasks on how to write job applications, develop your interview skills and enhance your phone application skills. It includes writing templates and proformas for students for a variety of workplace contexts. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.


MoneySmart: Kieren's coin

This is a year 2 mathematics unit of work about money. The unit is intended to take about 10 hours of teaching and learning time. It consists of 11 student activities supported by teacher notes on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Student activities include responding to a story about a rare foreign coin, interacting ...


Newspapers: past, present, future

Will the traditional newspaper survive the online publication and distribution of news? Newspapers were once the main source of news and information, but now they compete for an audience with many other sources. Watch this clip to find out about the traditional newspaper's past, present and potential future.