Music / Foundation to Year 2

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Curriculum content descriptions

Sing and play instruments to improvise, practise a repertoire of chants, songs and rhymes, including songs used by cultural groups in the community (ACAMUM081)

  • practising and performing music, reading from notation (invented and learnt symbols)
  • practising techniques for singing songs and playing classroom instruments
  • singing and playing music to explore the expressive possibilities of their voices and instruments
  • Considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations: For example – What did this music make you think about and why?
  • practising and performing music using accessible technologies
  • learning a song used by groups in the local community, such as Aboriginal songs or Torres Strait Islander songs from their community, respecting cultural protocols
General capabilities
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
ScOT terms

Improvisation (Music),  Music performance

Teacher resource

Musical fun with Fuzzy

This is a resource about making music through singing, speaking, moving, dancing, playing and creating. It includes two videos featuring Susie Davies-Splitter presenting some body and voice warm-up exercises, and exploring rhythm, pitch and movement with a Fuzzy the Clown pop-up puppet; two audio tracks; and a pop-up puppet ...

Teacher resource

Sing, scat and scoo be doo

This is a resource about making music and scatting through singing, speaking, moving, dancing, playing and creating. It includes three videos featuring Susie Davies-Splitter presenting various songs to sing and move to and demonstrating scatting, as well as two audio tracks, an interactive xylophone, a xylophone template ...

Teacher resource

Sydney Symphony bite-sized music lessons: F-2

This resource is a set of four downloadable PDFs that are part of the Teaching resources collection of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. They cover works by Grieg ('In the hall of the mountain king') and Arthur Benjamin ('Jamaican rumba'). There is a set of Teacher notes and Classroom materials for each composer. The PDFs ...

Teacher resource

Beethoven Allegretto

This set of resources explores beat and rhythm, melody, instruments, texture and structure. They focus on the Allegretto movement from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A Major Op. 92. A video features conductor Richard Gill AO with musicians of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra explaining how Beethoven built this iconic Allegretto ...

Interactive Resource

MSO Learn

This is an iPad app about the design and roles of a symphony orchestra. It introduces students to the various sections of an orchestra: strings, woodwind, brass and percussion and allows them to explore and listen to the individual instruments as well as the collective sound of the orchestra. The app provides profiles of ...