Music / Year 9 and 10

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Curriculum content descriptions

Perform music applying techniques and expression to interpret the composer’s use of elements of music (ACAMUM103)

  • performing music from scores made by themselves and others
  • Considering viewpoints – evaluations: For example – How are these two performances different? Which one was more successful with audiences and why?
  • exploiting musical features of works across a range of styles and contexts in performance
  • recognising the influence of social, cultural and historical developments and incorporating these into their performance
  • using aural skills and reading notation to develop interpretation as they perform known and unknown repertoire in a range of styles
General capabilities
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Ear training,  Musical elements


The Beauty of 8

The Beauty Of 8 eResource gives insight into a fusion of Australian and Japanese cultures and rhythm. The end product is an exciting and dynamic artform that appeals to all ages. Taikoz is at once meditative and free-spirited, primal and dramatic. This eResource encourages students and teachers to observe, listen, perform ...


Composing as inspired by Gordon Hamilton SNAP

This set of resources focuses on composition. Students listen to and analyse the orchestral work, SNAP, by Australian composer Gordon Hamilton. They develop their own skills in composition and perform and record their own piece. A video features conductor Richard Gill AO exploring the work SNAP with musicians from the ...


Arranging as inspired by Lisa Cheney and Liszt Nuages Gris

This set of resources focuses on arranging music. Students listen to and analyse Nuages Gris, a piano piece by Franz Liszt, as arranged for orchestra by Lisa Cheney, then create and perform their own arrangement. A video features conductor Richard Gill AO exploring extended techniques in music with musicians of the Tasmanian ...


Meeting the Sun

An interactive music lesson where students will meet renowned Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin and learn about her inspirations for composing and creating new works. Students will explore various stories and poems written by some of our incredible Anzac heroes and experience a performance of Elena’s Anzac inspired ...