Visual arts / Year 5 and 6

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Curriculum content descriptions

Develop and apply techniques and processes when making their artworks (ACAVAM115)

  • enhancing and practising their art making skills in using a range of materials and technologies
  • Considering viewpoints – materials and technologies: What is the artwork made of? How does the choice of material enhance the audience’s understanding of the artist’s intention? What made you want to touch this sculpture?
  • making informed choices about using various combinations of representational elements appropriate for a concept, theme or subject matter, for example, combining realistic drawing skills with an appropriated image from the past to create new meaning
  • explaining influences of other artists on their own art making
  • evaluating the characteristics of their work that are more successful, and work to improve their knowledge and skills from this reflection
General capabilities
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
ScOT terms

Composition (Visual arts),  Symbols,  Art genres,  Art materials

Teacher resource

Through my own eyes: a self-portrait - teacher resource

This resource for teachers is a visual arts unit that leads to a resolved two-dimensional self-portrait on paper. The unit combines the techniques of drawing and painting and explores the concept of a personal environment. It is in four parts: exploring examples of portraits by artists across history; developing line-drawn ...

Teacher resource

Visual art starters: sustain your art

This is a resource about using clean waste materials to create artworks that promote sustainability. It begins with a video featuring contemporary visual artist Ash Keating discussing his commitment to sustainability and describing three of his artworks. The resource contains three teacher-guided learning activities: Ash ...

Teacher resource

Concrete poetry

This is a resource that focuses on how words can be represented visually to create concrete poetry that explores space, language and print. It features a video of Alex Selenitsch displaying his concrete poetry works and discussing the creative process, three activity sheets and one concrete poetry images sheet with six ...

Teacher resource

Create Balinese shadow puppets

This is an activity consisting of a list of materials and a set of instructions for creating a Balinese shadow puppet. There are four steps of instruction for students to follow, with links to downloads for two styles of puppet template, as well as performance outlines for two plays. There is a linked video that shows a ...

Teacher resource

TrackSAFE Education Primary School Resources: Year 5, Year 6 The Arts

This unit uses dance, drama, visual arts and music to communicate student-created safety messages. Using a community-based scenario, students devise an improvised drama and choreograph a dance to highlight the importance of safe track-side behaviours; they use artworks to explore the effect of colour before creating a cartoon-based ...

Teacher resource

Impressionist artwork

This is a resource titled 'Impressionist artwork' that guides students' use of digital photography to analyse and interpret the art genre, Impressionism. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements, students can communicate their understanding of the genre by creating their own 'impressionist' artwork from an original photo. The resource ...

Teacher resource

Digital Dali: Surrealism in art today

This is a resource which describes a step-by-step student activity to create a surrealist-style artwork with digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements. It was developed by the Adobe Education Exchange. The resource includes downloads of a comprehensive lesson plan, detailed peer assessment criteria, and technical ...

Interactive Resource


This is an interactive resource that focuses on creating collage artworks using a library of five backgrounds and different shaped cut-outs, and applying various editing techniques such as changing the size and the position of the shape, the opacity of the shape, and using the draw function, layering and repitition. It ...

Teacher resource

Create a Thai-style shadow puppet

This is an activity consisting of a set of instructions to create a Thai-style shadow puppet. There are eight steps for students to follow, with links to two styles of template, which are used to make the puppets, to download. There is a linked video within the resource showing a Thai shadow-puppet performance. Additional ...

Interactive Resource

NGAkids Art Zone - iTunes app

Explore eight interactive activities inspired by works in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, Washington USA. Investigate visual conventions and understand more about design elements and principles through artistic play. A range of portrait, landscape, still-life and abstract paintings.Free when reviewed 26/5/2015.

Interactive Resource

Sketch book express

This is a free application for the iPad that focuses on creating drawings and sketches using virtual professional-grade tools and brushes, and imaging techniques. It features a full-screen workspace and an 11-icon menu including pan and zoom navigation, a brush editor, colour wheels with HSB and RBG colour space, an eye-dropper ...

Interactive Resource

123D Sculpt

This is a free application for the iPad and iPhone that focuses on sculpting three-dimensional images from a library of objects and figures. It feature: a range of manipulation tools; a library of textures; various paint tools; a colour palette that can add shades, tints and hues; the ability to import images from a personal ...

Interactive Resource

Brushes 3

This is a free application for the iPad and iPhone that focuses on creating paintings using a range of virtual brushes and editing features. It includes a full-screen workspace and an icon menu that enables various-sized brush strokes, adjustable brush shapes and settings, a colour wheel and colour matcher and undo and ...

Teacher resource

Arts-POP: arts packages of practice

This website provides infrastructure and material to support teachers in the classroom teaching of the arts curriculum in primary school. It contains units in all the arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts; and each of these units has a selection of supportive material that may include demonstration ...

Still Image

Indigenous Australian collection

This federated search from the QAGOMA database features a selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks from the collection. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, a map of major Indigenous regions in Australia, classroom activities, a glossary ...

Teacher resource

Arts-POP: visual arts

This is a unit containing material to help teachers plan and implement a visual arts program called 'Abstractable me' that looks at creating and responding to abstract art in primary art lessons. It describes a visual arts program implemented in a year 5 class that involved students investigating the life and work of Pablo ...

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Australian collection

This database features a selection of Australian artworks from QAGOMA. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, classroom activities, a glossary of key terms and curriculum alignment information for teachers. Search results can be refined by theme, period, ...

Interactive Resource

Destination modern art

This is an interactive resource that focuses on a visit to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with an alien character to explore selected two-dimensional and three-dimensional exhibits by famous artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Polly Apfelbaum, Romare Bearden and Umberto Boccioni. By selecting artworks visitors ...


Lives and stories of colonial women

These are the stories of five different Colonial women, Trukanini, Theresa Sutcliffe Mort, Mary Windeyer, Caroline Chisholm and Lola Montez. Hear their stories and look at their portraits at the National Portrait Gallery.


Symbols of Australia

This resource explores some of the symbols Australians have chosen to represent themselves and their nation. The website is based on an exhibition at the National Museum of Australia.

Interactive Resource

Through the gate

This resource embeds the use of online collaboration tools and 21st century learning skills to support students across Stage 2 English and creative arts (visual arts). It presents students with a real-world challenge to create a class picture book and organise a launch event for the book. Students work collaboratively to ...


Hans Heysen: 'The saplings', 1904

This resource includes an enlargeable image of the painting 'The saplings' by Hans Heysen and catalogue information about the painting. There is also a video with audio commentary and corresponding onscreen text that provides an interpretation of the painting and information about the artist's views. The painting pays homage ...


Imants Tillers: 'Terra incognita', 2005

This resource includes an enlargeable image and catalogue information about the large-format painting 'Terra incognita' by Imants Tillers (1950-). Included is a video with audio commentary on the artist's career and his artwork. The commentary is also provided as text on the web page. The painting's title means 'unknown ...