Visual arts / Year 9 and 10

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Curriculum content descriptions

Analyse a range of visual artworks from contemporary and past times to explore differing viewpoints and enrich their visual art-making, starting with Australian artworks, including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and consider international artworks (ACAVAR131)

  • analysing the role of visual arts as a means of challenging prevailing issues of traditional and contemporary relevance, for example, the availability of resources for future generations
  • identifying how visual arts professionals embed their values and beliefs, and how audiences react and interpret the meaning and intent of their artworks differently
  • Considering viewpoints – critical theories: For example – Do you agree with the artist’s point of view? Give reasons for your view.
  • considering the responsibilities of visual arts practitioners when making commentaries about social, environmental and sustainability issues
  • interrogating the cultural and societal roles and responsibilities of arts industries and recognising the power of the visual arts in advocating for, and being a catalyst for, change
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
Cross-curriculum priorities
ScOT terms

Cultural interaction,  Aboriginal art,  Australian art,  Torres Strait Islander art,  Historical settings (Narratives),  Visual arts


Yolngu sea country: painting on bark

This is a resource about the importance of painting on bark for the Yolngu people of the coastal region of north-east Arnhem Land. It consists of explanatory text, an illustration, a short video, and related links. The text explains that painting is an expression of the Law for Country, and says where the barks, paints ...

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InsideArt: street art

This is an album of five videos which focus on street art. Michel Lawrence interviews Nils Westergard, an American street artist who works with stencils; Ian Strange, an Australian artist working internationally who combines elements of street art with film and photography technologies; and collaborative team DabsMyla, ...


Margaret Preston: art and life

This is a PDF resource that focuses on the life and artworks of South Australian modernist artist Margaret Preston (1875-1963), profiling nine of Preston's artworks that investigate various influences and techniques used in her art. Based on an exhibition that showed in major cities across Australia, the artworks are presented ...

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InsideArt: studio production

This is an album of six videos that focus on the work of six contemporary Australian artists and explore their sources of inspiration and subject matter, their selection and use of techniques, processes and technologies, the materials they use and the styles with which they work. Michel Lawrence interviews each of the artists ...

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What is modern art?

In the late nineteenth century a group of artists emerged in Europe to challenge traditional genres and create new movements and styles. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) website provides a introduction to the works and artists who changed the concept of what is 'art' and introduced new subjects, materials, mediums and techniques ...

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InsideArt: photography

This is an album of eight videos which focus on photography. Michel Lawrence interviews eight photographers with a wide range of visual styles, spheres of interest and experience. They reflect on their personal approaches to capturing images - including choice of subject matter, location, lighting and composition, materials ...


Fred Williams: 'Upwey landscape', 1965-66

This resource includes an enlargeable image and catalogue information about the painting 'Upwey landscape' by Fred Williams (1927-82). Included is a video with audio commentary on the artist's ideas and how he developed his abstract landscapes. The commentary is also provided as text on the web page. The painting represents ...

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InsideArt: portraiture

This is an album of four videos which focus on the art of portraiture. Writer and presenter Michel Lawrence interviews Stuart Purves, Director of Australian Galleries, about the significance of the portrait in capturing the human condition. He also interviews three artists about their work: Peter Wegner who has painted ...

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NGV Asian art

This is a series of PDF and multimedia resources that illustrate and interpret examples of Asian art. Intended primarily for teachers of Foundation through to year 10, the series consists of c.45 two-page PDFs with text and images that include paintings, ceramics, textiles, and sculptures, and 11 multimedia resources that ...

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Media and Performance Art

Since the early 20th century, artists have been incorporating such non-traditional forms as dance, music, and their own actions into their art. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) website provides a introduction to the genre and explores the works by artisits in the collection. It provides a collection of downloadable slide ...

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Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is an art movement that developed in America after World War II. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) website provides a introduction to the genre, major artists and the materials and processes they used in painting and sculpture. It provides a collection of downloadable slide shows of artworks (in PowerPoint), ...

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InsideArt: design exploration

This is an album of six videos that focus on contemporary artists whose works encompass a wide variety of materials, analogue and digital technologies, techniques and processes, scales and performances. Michel Lawrence interviews the following artists: Stephen Haley; Cristina Popovici; Andrew Rogers; Paul Yore; Gosia Wlodarczak; ...

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Milingimbi Easter panel, mid-1960s

This is a painting by several leading artists of the Gupapuyngu clan of the Yolngu people depicting the crucifixion of Christ on the right, and his resurrection on the left. The painting is shown as an enlargeable image and in a video. Text onscreen gives contextual information about the Methodist mission established on ...

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Twelve canoes: language

This is a rich resource about the languages of the Yolngu clans of north-east Arnhem Land. Its centrepiece is a short film narrated by a Yolngu storyteller, who describes why different clans have different languages and how the languages differ from each other and from English. He explains how language defines the individual ...

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InsideArt: Indigenous

This is an album of six videos which focus on the making, marketing and exhibiting of contemporary Indigenous art. Michel Lawrence introduces and interviews key players in this sphere including private gallery directors, artists, the director of a community arts centre and a curator. The interviews were recorded in Alice ...


Yolngu sea country: turtle waters

This is a painting titled 'Rirratjingu at Dhambaliya' by Yolngu artist Dhuwarrwarr Marika showing the rocks, reefs, currents and animals of the sea between Dhambaliya (Bremer Island) and the mainland of north-east Arnhem Land. The painting, which can be enlarged and zoomed, incorporates the distinctive designs ('miny'tji') ...


Century of the child: growing by design, 1900-2000

This resource focuses on exploring art and design through toys, tools and educational resources, as well as innovations, ideas and social movements that were influenced by children and created for children from the period 1900-2000. It presents many exhibits across a timeline through images and text, and provides a brief ...

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Inge King Sculptor

This is a resource about sculptor Inge King who has produced many of Australia’s most striking monumental public sculptures in the last decades of the 20th century and early 21st century. It revolves around a video clip in which she outlines stages and turning-points in her career and her life-long commitment to art, illustrated ...


Sidney Nolan: 'Ned Kelly', 1946

This resource includes an enlargeable image of the painting 'Ned Kelly' by Sidney Nolan and catalogue information about the painting. This is one painting in a series of 27 abstract paintings, each capturing a selected incident in the story of the iconic Kelly gang. There is also a video with audio commentary about the ...


Imants Tillers: 'Terra incognita', 2005

This resource includes an enlargeable image and catalogue information about the large-format painting 'Terra incognita' by Imants Tillers (1950-). Included is a video with audio commentary on the artist's career and his artwork. The commentary is also provided as text on the web page. The painting's title means 'unknown ...