History / Year 10 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding

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Curriculum content descriptions

The impact of at least ONE world event or development and its significance for Australia, such as the Vietnam War and Indochinese refugees (ACDSEH146)

  • describing the impact of the Vietnam war on Vietnam and how the communist victory in Vietnam (1975) resulted in the arrival of refugees into Australia
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities
ScOT terms

Cambodian history,  Migration,  Vietnamese history

Moving Image

Australian History Timeline

This is a multilayered website featuring an interactive historical timeline of Australia divided into decades post 1770s, as well as a section on pre 1770s Indigenous and non-Indigenous history. The home page is made of images and timeline dates that hyperlink to further information on each decade. Each decade has links ...

Teacher resource

Migrants Enriching Australia

This is a rich collection of stories that focuses on the life experiences of two individuals, one of Greek heritage and one of Polish heritage, who immigrated and settled in Victoria post World War II. The resource explores how these people shared their cultural heritage and how this enriched Australian life at this time. ...

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Digital stories of Immigration

This is a rich collection of digital stories about people who have immigrated to Victoria. The resource is presented in three sections: Introductory information; Story Objects; and Story Education Resources. There are 21 Story Objects that include images, videos, links, information, interviews and transcripts. There are ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Australia and the Vietnam War

These are online resources for the topic Australia in the Vietnam War Era, including music, images and links to archival video clips from Australian Screen with teachers' notes.


Objects through timeline: 50,000 years before present

This is a 26-page fact sheet that provides a comprehensive overview of migration to Australia from the first arrival of humans to 2006. It includes details about the major waves of international and internal migration, key events and policies, and individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to the development ...

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The Globalising World: Changing policies and Australian identity

This is a unit of work about migration to Australia from 1945. It has a particular focus on how migration has shaped Australia as a nation over time. It has four teaching and learning sequences that explore: changes to Australia’s immigration policies including the dismantling of the White Australia Policy; reasons for ...


Paul Ham: History and legend

In this resource Paul Ham talks about history and legend

Interactive Resource

Laptop wrap: Voices of Vietnam

This resource is a page with a focus on developing student opinion of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War, with supporting activities and links to resources.


Paul Ham: Researching History

In this resource Paul Ham talks about researching history.


Paul Ham: History and memory

In this resource Paul Ham talks about history and memory.


The White Australia Policy

The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 led to the restriction of non-European migration, which became known as the White Australia Policy.


Muslim journeys

This is a rich resource about the lives of Muslim people who came to Australia from Asia and Europe in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Developed by the National Archives of Australia, it consists of a historical essay by Hanifa Deen illustrated by a collection of archival documents and images. The resource has five tabs: ...


Paul Ham Resources

These are resources for history writer Paul Ham.


Agony of a new world order

Have you heard of the Mujahideen and what they stand for? Listen as Akram Azimi, the 2013 Young Australian of the Year, recounts a story that contributed to his family's decision to leave Afghanistan. This audio clip from Radio National's Conversations with Richard Fidler is the second in a series of eight.


Paul Ham: Choosing a research topic

In this resource Paul Ham talks about choosing a research topic.


Paul Ham: Writing History

In this resource Paul Ham talks about writing history.

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Cuc Lam's Suitcase

This is a multilayered webpage produced by the National Film and Sound Archive with an embedded 4 minute video discussing the cultural symbolism of Vietnamese refugee Cuc Lam's suitcase. There are supporting sections including a detailed description of the origin of the video; basic background information on the history ...


Paul Ham Teaching Notes

This resource consists of Teaching Notes for history writer Paul Ham.


Sovan Goldstraw

This is a page on the NSW Migration Heritage website that contains the detailed biography of a Cambodian refugee, Sovan Goldstraw. Through the use of historical timelines, a written memoir, personal photographs and recorded video interviews, Sovan recalls her migration story after she was displaced from Cambodia to Australia ...


Paul Ham: The 'Quiet Australian'

In this resource Paul Ham talks about the 'Quiet Australian'.