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English / Year 5 / Language / Phonics and word knowledge

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Curriculum content descriptions

Explore less common plurals, and understand how a suffix changes the meaning or grammatical form of a word (ACELA1514)

  • Using knowledge of word origins and roots and related words to interpret and spell unfamiliar words, and learning about how these roots impact on plurals, for example ‘cactus’ and ‘cacti’, ‘louse’ and ‘lice’
  • understanding how some suffixes change the grammatical form of words, for example ‘tion’ and ‘ment’ can change verbs into nouns, ‘protect’ to ‘protection’, ‘develop’ to ‘development’
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
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Irregular plurals

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What's the plural for 'octopus'?

Do you know what the plural for octopus is? What about the plural for platypus? See if you can guess the plurals for both before you watch this video. What were your reasons for choosing the plurals you did?