Humanities and social sciences / Year 1 / Inquiry and skills / Analysing

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Curriculum content descriptions

Compare objects from the past with those from the present and consider how places have changed over time (ACHASSI023)

  • identifying similarities and differences between activities over time by comparing objects of the past with those currently used (for example, comparing toys, games, clothes, phones, cooking utensils, tools, homework books)
  • using comparative language when describing family life over time and/or comparing features of places, such as ‘smaller than’, ‘bigger than’, ‘closer’, ‘further’, ‘not as big as’, ‘younger/older than’, ‘more rainy days’, ‘fewer/less’, ‘hottest/coldest’, ‘sunnier’, ‘windier than’
  • exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, traditional and contemporary, about places and the past and how places have changed
  • categorising objects, drawings or images by their features and explaining their reasoning, for example, categorising the features of a local place into natural (native forest), constructed (street of houses) and managed (windbreak of trees)
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Creating texts,  Artefacts,  Degrees of comparison


How times change

This resource is a website supporting teachers and students of the Australian Curriculum: History in Year 1. Includes teacher support, curriculum connections and ready-to-use digital resources about the present, past and future and about differences between their own lives and those of people in the past.


Yulunga: kandomarngutta

In some parts of Australia children were allowed to use the bullroarer (whirlers), or small versions of it, as a source of amusement. In other areas the bullroarer had a special significance and was not used as a ‘toy’. In parts of Victoria a bullroarer called the kandomarngutta was used. This was a thin piece of wood, ...


The Stolen Generations

This resource (an ‘education pack’) is a 26-page pdf about the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, the consequent effects on individuals, their families and communities, and the actions to promote Reconciliation that have been taken and should be taken in response. The education ...


Forgotten heroes

This resource (an ‘education pack’) is a 29-page PDF about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who joined the Australian Armed Services during times of war. The education pack is introduced by background notes, and is organised in three main sections: Early Years; Primary Years; and Middle Years. Each section ...


Who are the families of the world?

This is a unit of work about the diversity of families around the world. Intended for the early years and written with a global education focus, the resource consists of five single- or multi-lesson activities, titled We are family; Who are the people in my family?; Families that work together; Let's remember the good times; ...