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Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages / Year 7 to 10 / Understanding / Systems of language

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Curriculum content descriptions

Understand and explain the sound patterns in spoken language and use developing phonemic awareness to represent these patterns in written form

[Key concepts: metalanguage, patterns, phonetic articulation, syllable; Key processes: reading, investigating, comparing]


  • reading aloud for meaning to demonstrate comprehension of sound–symbol correspondences
  • developing metalanguage to describe and talk about sounds and phonology, for example, place and manner of articulation, uncertain or missing sounds
  • investigating sound patterns, for example, consonant and vowel sequences, and word-level patterns, for example, allowable word-final sounds, allowable consonant clusters, word stress
  • understanding the major categories of place of articulation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, for example, peripheral, laminal, apical, and their realisation across different languages and regions in Australia
  • establishing similarities in the sound systems of related languages otherwise masked by differing spelling systems
  • using their knowledge of alphabetic conventions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages to transcribe spoken texts from a range of languages, for example, those related to the target language or those from neighbouring regions
  • comparing and explaining the relative consistency of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and English in spelling words
  • understanding the phonemic basis of alphabetic spelling systems and the fact that different sounds can be covered within a single phoneme or letter
  • exploring different writing systems that are based on different principles, for example, syllabic or ideographic
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
Cross-curriculum priorities
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