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German / Year 7 and 8 / Understanding / Role of language and culture

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Curriculum content descriptions

Understand that language use is shaped by and reflects the values, ideas and norms of a community

[Key concepts: attitudes, social norms, values; Key processes: observing, comparing, connecting]


  • investigating connections between language and significant cultural values or practices in Australia and German-speaking countries, for example, individual rights, shared social responsibility, respect for the environment, Reconciliation, anti-racism, ‘fair go’
  • developing language to analyse and explain the nature of the relationship between language and culture, using terms such as ‘meaning’, ‘perspective’, ‘values’, ‘assumptions’ and ‘difference’
  • examining examples of cultural representation in language, symbols and behaviour, such as die Märchenstraβe, (lack of) speed limits on the Autobahn, national flags, and the ‘visibility’ of the European Union through placement of its logo (for example, on car numberplates)
  • recognising that there are different and/or multiple expressions that communicate ideas across cultures, for example, when describing Brot or school excursions (Klassenfahrt, Wandertag)
  • exploring how origin, geography and religion are directly connected to lifestyle, daily practices and language use, for example, Recycling, Kaffee und Kuchen, Wandern, religious/public holidays, choice of Fremdsprachen offered in schools
  • participating in guided discussion on the nature and role of ‘culture’ and its relationship with language, with reference to German, English and other known languages
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • Ethical understanding Ethical understanding
ScOT terms

Language evolution,  German language

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