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Modern Greek / Year 5 and 6 / Understanding / Systems of language

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Curriculum content descriptions

Develop knowledge of grammatical elements such as tenses, combining them with an increasing range of verbs, nouns and adjectives, and use conjunctions to construct and expand sentences

[Key concepts: grammatical rules, patterns; Key processes: applying, building vocabulary, expanding on meaning]


  • describing present, past and future actions, situations and events using familiar verbs, for example, Παίζω στο σχολείο, Θα διαβάσω αύριο, Κάνει ζέστη σήμερα, Xθες ήταν Τρίτη, Αύριο θα είναι Σάββατο
  • expressing preferences, for example, Μου αρέσει πολύ, Δε μου αρέσει
  • using correct word order to ask questions and make requests, for example, Θέλεις το βιβλίο; Τον λένε Γιώργο;
  • using numbers in different contexts, such as telling the time, stating dates, ordering/shopping, or in simple descriptions, for example, Είναι μία η ώρα, Τα γενέθλιά μου είναι στις 8 Απριλίου, Πέντε κιλά πατάτες παρακαλώ
  • using the plural form of common nouns, for example, το αγόρι, τα αγόρια, η μπανάνα, οι μπανάνες
  • recognising the agreement between nouns, adjectives and gender, for example, Μία μεγάλη τσάντα, δύο μικρές τσάντες, η κόκκινη πόρτα, ο άσπρος γάτος
  • using simple conjunctions such as και, αλλά, γιατί to create compound or complex sentences, for example, in descriptions of self, family, friends, hobbies, for example, Παίζω πιάνο, αλλά μου αρέσει και η κιθάρα
  • expanding vocabulary base by using and recognising common everyday nouns
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
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Greek language

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