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Recall multiplication facts of two, three, five and ten and related division facts (ACMNA056)

  • establishing multiplication facts using number sequences
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
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Division,  Multiplication tables

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Year level 3-4
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Selected links to a range of interactive online resources for the study of number in Foundation to Year 6 Mathematics.

Interactive resource

Pobble arrays: find a factor

Help creatures to line up and walk through gates in equal rows and columns. Look at the given numbers of pobbles and gates, and enter the number of rows. For example, predict how many equal rows of pobbles are needed to fit 12 of them through four gates. Check your prediction. This learning object is one in a series of ...

Teacher resource

Multiplication and division

Use these resources to develop your students' understanding and use of efficient strategies for multiplication and solving problems in authentic situations. Develop strategies for a sound basis of skip counting and other examples of repeated addition. Investigate division by sharing quantities (partition) then by repeated ...

Interactive resource

Pobble arrays: find two factors

Help creatures to line up and walk through gates in equal rows and columns. Look at the given number of pobbles, and enter the number of gates and rows. For example, predict how many equal rows of pobbles are needed to fit 12 of them through four gates. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.

Interactive Resource

Gobbling Goblins

Welcome to 'The Toadstool Bistro', the hottest diner in Goblin Town. Maître d' Grundle is in a panic! The Gobbling Goblins, three fierce food critics, have arrived at The Toadstool Bistro and they're determined to put your kitchen to the test! Your goal is to keep the food coming for these ghastly gourmets. Use your maths ...


Exploring division and multiplication

This collection of 17 digital curriculum resources contains activities to consolidate and extend students' problem-solving skills in the areas of multiplication and division. The first category, arrays, allows students to visualise problems while consolidating the idea that multiplication involves repeated groups of objects. ...


Mental calculation strategies - multiplication and division

This collection of 14 digital curriculum resources focuses on assisting students to develop efficient and effective mental calculation strategies for performing multiplication and division. The collection also aims to develop and consolidate students' knowledge of multiplicative number facts. It is organised in four categories: ...

Moving Image

Using money

This is a colourful animation, with audio commentary, that describes how coins can be grouped together to represent different amounts of money. The resource uses examples of paying for everyday items using collections of coins, particularly when the cost of an item does not match the value of any one specific Australian ...

Teacher resource

Primary mathematics: open-ended tasks

These seven learning activities, which focus on 'open-ended tasks' using a variety of tools (software) and devices (hardware), illustrate the ways in which content, pedagogy and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. In the activities, teachers use investigations in order ...

Moving Image

What is a quarter?

What is a quarter? You get quarters when you divide a whole into four equal parts. Each one of these four parts is a quarter. Watch this great explainer produced by Monique in collaboration with ABC Splash and see how she explains quarters.

Teacher resource

Practical Numeracy in the Kitchen and Garden

This resource provides some pick-up-and-go Numeracy activity ideas for kitchen and garden classes. It includes 4 lessons covering the three content strands, Number and algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability, as well as Time.

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 3: Number and Algebra: multiplication and division - teacher guide

This is a 23-page guide for teachers. This module contains a description of suitable models for multiplication, a discussion of the type of problem phrased in words that requires multiplication for its solution, and mental and written strategies for multiplication. The use of the commutative, associative and distributive ...