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Mathematics / Year 5 / Number and Algebra / Patterns and algebra

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Find unknown quantities in number sentences involving multiplication and division and identify equivalent number sentences involving multiplication and division (ACMNA121)

  • using relevant problems to develop number sentences
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  • Numeracy Numeracy
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Year level 5-6
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Learning area Mathematics
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Sites2See: Patterns and Algebra

Selected links to a range of interactive online resources for the study of patterns and algebra in Foundation to Year 6 Mathematics.

Interactive resource

Balance the blobs: find the rule 2

Balance scales by using blobs. Using non-unit ratios, such as 3:2, 4:5 or 5:2, explore how many black blobs and white blobs balance each other. Discover the rule that balances the scales with the correct number and type of blobs. For example, 3 black blobs balance 2 white blobs. Find out how many black blobs balance 4 white ...


BBC Bitesize: linear sequences - revision

These illustrated information sheets revise the definition of a sequence and the nth term. The method of finding the rule for the nth term is extended to more complicated sequences. Highest common factors and lowest common multiples of pairs of numbers are found. This resource is one of a series of online resources from ...