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Mathematics / Year 8 / Number and Algebra / Number and place value

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Curriculum content descriptions

Use index notation with numbers to establish the index laws with positive integral indices and the zero index (ACMNA182)

  • evaluating numbers expressed as powers of positive integers
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Zero index,  Positive indices

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Year level 7-8
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Learning area Mathematics
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Graham's number

If you were asked what the biggest number you can think of is, what would you say? Infinity? Well, what about the biggest finite number you can think of? Mathematician Ron Graham came across such a gigantic number in his research that, to capture its massive size, he and his colleagues needed to come up with new methods ...

Teacher resource


This is a website designed for both teachers and students that addresses indices from the Australian Curriculum for year 8 students. It contains material on using index notation. There are pages for both teachers and students. The student pages contain interactive questions for students to check their progress in the topics.

Interactive resource

Exploring square roots

Build a square on a grid to cover a given number of units. Notice that each side of the square equals the square root of the area. Calculate the area of each square and work out the square root. For example, calculate the length of each side needed for a square to cover 81 units. Calculate the area of squares bordering ...