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Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations (ACMNA192)

  • understanding that the laws used with numbers can also be used with algebra
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  • Numeracy Numeracy
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Simplification (Algebra)

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Year level 7-8
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Learning area Mathematics
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Algebraic expressions

This is a website designed for both teachers and students that addresses algebraic expressions from the Australian Curriculum for year 8 students. It contains material on using simple positive and negative fractions, substitution, collecting like terms, taking products, and expanding brackets using the distributive law ...

Interactive Resource

Multiplication of Variables

An animated tutorial that discusses expressions such as 4x, where the multiplication symbol has been omitted, and then presents a method for multiplying simple algebraic expressions.

Teacher resource

reSolve: Algebra: Think of a number - Linear Equations

This lesson explores algebra by generalising results from arithmetic used in 'think of a number' games. Students connect arithmetic operations with algebraic notation and visualisations. The lesson begins with an observation made using arithmetic that students then justify and extend using algebra. The lesson is outlined ...

Teacher resource

reSolve: Algebra: Addition Chain

This sequence of lessons explores making algebraic generalisations of sequences. Students use spreadsheets to investigate potential arithmetic relationships and then use algebra to identify and justify which relationships are generally true. The task can be used as a springboard for an in-depth exploration of the Fibonacci ...

Interactive Resource


An animated tutorial with a focus on collecting 'like' terms to simplify expressions. An interactive quiz is included.

Interactive Resource


An animated tutorial about terms and 'like' terms, followed by an interactive quiz.

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reSolve: Algebra: Tens and Units

This sequence of lessons aims to develop understanding of algebra as generalised arithmetic. Students learn to express 2- and 3-digit numbers in a general form and use this to explain results of arithmetic operations involving numbers with their digits reversed. The task links the ideas of place value with algebraic reasoning. ...

Teacher resource

reSolve: Working with algebra

This sequence of two lessons gives students opportunities to explore and share strategies for solving algebraic problems. The lessons focus on open-ended problem solving and developing multiple approaches to solving problems algebraically such as using like terms and substitution. Students work individually and in small ...