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Mathematics / Year 9 / Number and Algebra / Patterns and algebra

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Curriculum content descriptions

Apply the distributive law to the expansion of algebraic expressions, including binomials, and collect like terms where appropriate (ACMNA213)

  • understanding that the distributive law can be applied to algebraic expressions as well as numbers
  • understanding the relationship between expansion and factorisation and identifying algebraic factors in algebraic expressions
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Distributivity,  Binomials,  Like terms

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Year level 9-10
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Learning area Mathematics
Interactive Resource

Algebra four

This is an interactive game for two students in which they solve algebraic equations, similar to 'Connect four'. The players can choose from problems that are one- or two-step, quadratic, have distributive properties or have variables on both sides, and more than one problem type can be chosen. The length of time each player ...

Moving Image

Solving equations with the distributive property

This is a video demonstration of solving a linear equation by algebraic means. In the commentary, the presenter carefully explains the step-by-step method used to solve this example, which includes use of the distributive law and collecting like terms to simplify the equation. Having found the solution, the presenter verifies ...

Teacher resource

reSolve: Rectilinear Polygons

In this sequence of three lessons, students use geometric reasoning to establish relationships between angles in polygons and go on to make generalisations using algebraic expressions. Students explore and enumerate right angles in a series of rectilinear polygons and generalise their findings. They then explore the number ...

Interactive Resource

Laptop wrap: Expanding on algebra

Students make a presentation on the index laws, investigate the visual representation of the binomial expansions and design an acronym to help recall the special products. 

Teacher resource

reSolve: Algebra: Think of a number- Binomial Equations

This lesson engages students in investigating a 'think of a number' game and then model it visually and algebraically. This develops skills in algebraic operations including expanding, factorising and collecting like terms. Students investigate whether the game will work for any number and are challenged to generate the ...

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 25: Number and Algebra: special expansions and algebraic fractions - teacher guide

This is a 21-page guide for teachers. It introduces pronumerals and their uses. Algebraic notation is discussed. It includes substitution, adding like terms, expanding two or more sets of brackets, the difference of squares, and algebraic fractions.

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 32: Number and Algebra: fractions and the index laws in algebra - teacher guide

This is a 24-page guide for teachers. This module extends the use of pronumerals to include algebraic fractions. It includes substitution, adding like terms, the use of brackets and multiplying terms, the use of algebra to describe number patterns and extending the use of the index laws. Algebraic notation is discussed.