Mathematics / Year 9 / Statistics and Probability / Chance

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Curriculum content descriptions

Calculate relative frequencies from given or collected data to estimate probabilities of events involving 'and' or 'or' (ACMSP226)

  • using Venn diagrams or two-way tables to calculate relative frequencies of events involving ‘and’, ‘or’ questions
  • using relative frequencies to find an estimate of probabilities of ‘and’, ‘or’ events
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Statistical frequency,  Conditional probability

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Year level 9-10
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Learning area Mathematics
Interactive Resource

Calculating relative frequencies

This is a four-page HTML resource about solving problems with relative frequencies. It contains two videos and four questions, one of which is interactive. The resource discusses and explains solving problems with relative frequencies to reinforce students' understanding.

Teacher resource

Performance of diagnostic tests

In this mathematical activity, students use two-way tables and the concept of conditional probability to investigate the reliability of diagnostic testing, and consider the ethical implications in a human medical context.

Teacher resource

ReSolve: Hot Streaks

This sequence of two lessons students investigate streaks in statistical data. They develop tests for randomness in order to distinguish between random and non-random results and use their understanding of randomness to investigate the existence or otherwise of the 'hot streak' phenomenon in basketball. Each lesson is outlined ...