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Health and physical education / Year 7 and 8 / Movement and Physical Activity / Understanding movement

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Curriculum content descriptions

Participate in and investigate cultural and historical significance of a range of physical activities (ACPMP085)

  • examining how sport, physical activity and outdoor recreation pursuits have changed over the last century as a result of different cultural groups migrating to Australia
  • researching and participating in a range of physical activities that were performed in the early twentieth century, such as games from the Asia region
  • participating in culturally significant physical activities from around the globe and exploring the links to the culture and heritage of the country of origin of these activities
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Sporting culture,  Physical activity

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A dancer's dancing day

What do dancers need to do to keep at the top of their game and be ready to respond to the demands of working on new choreography? Thomas Bradley, a Sydney Dance Company member, takes us through his daily routine as a full-time dancer during the making of the dance '2 One Another'. The choreographer working with Bradley ...


Dancing identity

What do ancient rhythms and the locking and popping of hip- hop dance have in common? Choreographer Shaun Parker was inspired by both ancient and contemporary dance forms when he created 'AM I', a dance piece that explores what it means to be human in the 21st century. Explore how six dancers, a large screen, live musicians ...


Kindred spirits: dancing our identity

Who are we and where do we belong? What and who decides our identity? People often ask these questions, and some may seek to discover the answers to them. In his dance piece entitled 'ID', choreographer Stephen Page explores what makes us similar, what makes us different and what gives us a sense of belonging. The clip ...


Dancing The Torres Strait winds to Life: Zey

Torres Strait Islander choreographer Elma Kris created the dance 'About' as an expression of the effects of the winds (Gub) on the land, sea and community. The four seasons in the Torres Strait Islands relate directly to the type and direction of the winds. Kris has explored the effects of the Zey (pronounced Zay) - cool ...


Phar Lap street ballad, 1932

This ballad, printed in Melbourne in 1932, commemorates the death of the champion racehorse Phar Lap. It begins: 'You all know a mighty racehorse, / And how he made his fame; / He was the wonder of the Turf, / And Phar Lap was his name...'. It was sung to the tune of 'The wearing of the green'.


GC2018 Embrace Learning: projects

The Embracing 2018 Global Education Program includes a variety classroom activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum using GC2018 as a context for learning. Queensland teachers can register and access the learning management system, all other users can access and download resources but not save the results online.


Integrity and anti-doping in sport: school lesson plans

Issues around cheating or unfair advantage including the use of illicit drugs and performance-enhancing drugs have long been a feature of human competition. This suite of lesson plans focus on integrity and anti-doping in sport and provides information, resources and activities to develop greater knowledge and awareness ...


Apple Macintosh software game - 'MacCricket', 1989

This is a 3 1/2-inch floppy disk containing the Apple Macintosh software game 'MacCricket'. The black-and-white printed text on the label reads: 'MacCricket TM / Gavin Tiplady / MacCricket is a Registered Trademark of Achernar Systems Pty Ltd'. Handwritten on the same label is a tick symbol, a scribbled-over red 'F' and ...


Storm II surfing kite by Flexifoil International, 2003

This is a red-and-grey Storm II surfing kite made from rip-stop polyester nylon. It was manufactured by Flexifoil International, China, in 2003.


Invictus Games Sydney 2018 – Science – Stage 5

Modern prosthetics are developed to offer comfort and practicality in a range of complex environments. This Stage 5 unit, The science and technology of prosthetics and the physics of movement, explores a number of technological advances in the field of prosthetics including material strength, sensors and actuators and osseointegration. ...


Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto wetsuit, 2003

This is a Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto one-piece wetsuit with full-length sleeves and knee-length legs, manufactured from rubber, nylon and metal by Rip Curl in 2003. The top half features a silver and cream design with the Rip Curl logo printed in the middle of the chest. The bottom of the suit is plain black. 'ULTIMATE ELASTO' ...


Skateboard, 1997

This is a skateboard, manufactured from metal, timber and plastic by Ocean and Australia, Australia. The trucks were manufactured by Cadillac and the wheels by Al Boglio in 1997. The skateboard comprises a flat timber plywood board slightly curved upwards at both ends with four wheels underneath. The deck is coloured with ...


Wearable GPS tracking device by GPSports Systems, 2003

This is a wearable SPI10 Sports Performance Indicator GPS tracking device designed and made by GPSports Systems in Australia and Vietnam in 2003. It is yellow and black, features four black buttons down the left side, has a small screen and is labelled 'GPSPORTS / SPI10'.


Invictus Games Sydney 2018 – Design and Technology – Stage 5

How can we make our contemporary world more inclusive? This Stage 5 Design and Technology module, Build a better world - investigating inclusive and accessible technologies and spaces, explores inventions and architectural designs that seek to improve access for those with disabilities throughout their everyday routines. ...


Australian surfboat used by North Curl Curl lifesavers, 1972

This is a single-ender surfboat, the Nola Hubbard, constructed in 1972 in New South Wales and used by the North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club. It is made of cedar, silver ash and plywood, and has a brass keel band. The unused oars shown here are stored on top of four wooden bench seats. The name has been painted in yellow ...


Britax Integra bicycle helmet, 1991

This is a 'Britax Integra' bicycle helmet designed by Peter Bailey Engineering in 1988 and made by Britax Child-Care Products in 1991. The helmet has a blue and white plastic shell with ventilation spaces, a white foam inner and black chin straps. The helmet is accompanied by a cardboard box, a brochure, three replacement ...


Men boxing in suburban hall, East Doncaster, 1953

This is a black-and-white photograph from the original negative depicting two men watching another two other men sparring in a boxing ring at a suburban hall in East Doncaster in 1953. All four men have neat short haircuts and are wearing leather boxing gloves fastened with shoelaces around the wrists. Two of them are dressed ...


Horse-racing program - Victoria Racing Club, Spring Meeting, 1930

This is a soft-cover booklet containing a horse-racing program. The cover has a pale background and green lettering with some red detail. There is a drawing in green of a horse and rider. The booklet has a green border. On the cover is printed: 'CUP DAY / VICTORIA RACING CLUB / SPRING MEETING. / 1930. / Official Programme. ...


Hugh McKay at the Sunshine Bowling Club, c1910

This is a black-and-white photograph of inventor and industrialist Hugh McKay with members of the Sunshine Bowling Club, Melbourne, in about 1910. McKay stands on the bowling green with a number of bowling balls in front of him. A large number of men and women is grouped behind him, the majority wearing hats. The roof of ...


Cycling hat, c1930-39

This is a dark khaki coloured hat that appears to be made of canvas. It includes a stiffened peak and chin strap with buckle. It fits snugly over and around the ears. The hat is 38 cm long, 23 cm wide and 28 cm high.