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Health and physical education / Year 9 and 10 / Movement and Physical Activity / Moving our body

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Curriculum content descriptions

Provide and apply feedback to develop and refine specialised movement skills in a range of challenging movement situations (ACPMP099)

  • adapting and responding to changes in equipment that increase the complexity of a movement task or performance
  • transferring skills learnt in one movement situation to a different situation
  • performing specialised movement skills in situations where the rules or conditions have been modified to vary complexity
  • using knowledge of results feedback to support another student in performing a skill with greater accuracy or control
  • responding to teacher and peer feedback to enhance performance
  • using ICT to record others performance, and providing feedback on synchronicity and timing of movements in relation to other people, objects or external stimuli
  • providing constructive feedback on their own and others performance by using movement-analysis software to break down a skill or sequence
General capabilities
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Recreation,  Outdoor education,  Adventure games,  Resilience,  Fundamental movement skills,  Sports

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Girls in knitted bathers at the Yarra River, 1942

This is a sepia photograph showng Alma and Pauline Leibig by the Yarra River at Warrandyte in the hills outside Melbourne in 1942. Pauline and her sister are wearing knitted bathers. They are holding hands and smiling at the camera.


Janet Dominiewski and her children with backyard wading pool, Glenroy, 1961

This is a colour photograph of Janet Dominiewski and her children - Michele (aged 4 years), Peter (3) and Joanne (1) - with their canvas wading pool in the backyard of their family home in Glenroy, Melbourne, in 1961. Two of the children sit in the pool, one holding an inflatable ball and one wearing an inflatable tube, ...


Magic lantern, c1908

This is a toy magic lantern - a type of slide projector - manufactured for domestic use. It comprises a box with a section projecting from one side where a lens can be attached. Behind the lens section is a space to insert slides. The lantern is raised slightly, sitting on small decorated legs. One side has a door and a ...


Allan Free and sons in above-ground backyard pool, Gladstone Park, 1972

This is a colour photograph of Allan Free and his sons Darren and Wayne in their 'Clarke' above-ground pool in the backyard of their suburban family home at Gladstone Park, Melbourne, in 1972. One of the boys is floating with the aid of a plain black rubber tube, while the younger one is surrounded by a green patterned ...


Normie Rowe performing at Melbourne Town Hall, 1968

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting pop star Normie Rowe performing on stage in front of a crowd at the Melbourne Town Hall. A teenage girl has rushed onto the stage in an attempt to approach the singer and has been caught by security guards. The stage is covered with streamers that have ...


Nigel Bondfield in Nunawading swimming pool, c1982

This colour photograph features 8-year-old Nigel Bondfield at the Nunawading Swimming Pool in about 1982. It was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.


Lampascope magic lantern, from 1861

This is a lampascope magic lantern, a slide projector for home use, made after 1861. The lampascope has decorative edges, and the body is striped in various colours, including green, red, yellow and blue. A red cylindrical lens projects from one side, and there is a space behind the lens to insert slides. The lampascope ...


Le Forgeron Marionettes, Spanish lady, 1930-56

This is a handmade marionette of a female Spanish dancer. The puppet wears a long-sleeved, ankle-length dress made of yellow satin with black lace trimming along the hem. Over this she wears a black satin bustier, and has a black lace shawl draped over her head and shoulders. She wears a pink flower in her wavy brown hair ...


Phar Lap street ballad, 1932

This ballad, printed in Melbourne in 1932, commemorates the death of the champion racehorse Phar Lap. It begins: 'You all know a mighty racehorse, / And how he made his fame; / He was the wonder of the Turf, / And Phar Lap was his name...'. It was sung to the tune of 'The wearing of the green'.


Boys playing 'King of the log', Merrigum, c1915

This is a photographic negative titled 'Merrigum - Church picnic - Frank Stephenson and Ken Andrews (pillow fight)'. Two boys sit straddled on a beam mounted between two posts. They hold stuffed sacks behind their heads. A group of children are gathered around watching.


GC2018 Embrace Learning: projects

The Embracing 2018 Global Education Program includes a variety classroom activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum using GC2018 as a context for learning. Queensland teachers can register and access the learning management system, all other users can access and download resources but not save the results online.


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Holidays, past and present

This three- part activity compares similarities and differences between family holidays of the past with the present. Students view the Allen family's photo album (1899 - 1900) and compare them with holidays they have experienced.


Free family children and friends playing in an above-ground pool, Gladstone Park, 1976

This is a colour photograph of the Free family children and friends in the family 'Clarke above-ground' pool, in the backyard of their family home in Gladstone Park, on 23 November 1976. A castor oil tree is situated behind the pool and also visible is a fence and a neighbour's house. One of the children is wearing a snorkelling ...


Magic lantern glass slide, person with wobbling chin, late 19th century

This is a glass slide for use in a magic lantern projector. It is a colour image of a person with a wobbling chin. The chin was wobbled with mechanical lever.


Mirroscope magic lantern, 1910

This is a mirroscope magic lantern, a type of image projector, made by Buckeye Stereopticon Company in Cleveland, USA, in 1910.