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Health and physical education / Year 9 and 10 / Movement and Physical Activity / Learning through movement

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Curriculum content descriptions

Transfer understanding from previous movement experiences to create solutions to movement challenges (ACPMP106)

  • drawing parallels between successful movement strategies in one sporting situation and how similar strategies could be used effectively in a different sport
  • speculating on possible outcomes of innovative solutions to movement challenges based on past experiences
  • reflecting on successful movement solutions and proposing how they can be transferred to new movement challenges
  • demonstrating motivation, persistence, confidence and commitment when faced with difficult or unfamiliar movement tasks
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Innovation,  Resilience,  Fundamental movement skills

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3D food printing

What do you think 3D food printing is? Watch and listen as Dr Kjeld van Bommel explains what it is. What is needed, other than the 3D printer, to print food?  Why does Dr van Bommel think it is unlikely that people will print an apple, or other naturally grown food?


Digital Careers: Online producer and content strategist

Have you ever wondered who thinks up new websites and tries out new ideas online? Astrid Scott is a Senior Producer and content strategist in the Research and Development team at ABC Innovation. It's Astrid's job to take a digital idea from initial concept on bits of paper all the way through to a finished website or app. ...


Ancient DNA

What questions might be answered by the DNA of ancient fossilised remains? What mysteries of the past could be unlocked? Watch this clip and learn more about some fascinating genetic research taking place right here in Australia.


Scientists working with farmers

What is the link between science and farming? Watch a high-tech computer application that lifts farm productivity and profitability. Discover how important new technologies have become for farmers as the agricultural industry cries out for more trained scientists.


Biomimicry robots

When you think of a robot, what do you imagine? 'Biomimicry' aims to create robots that are more like forms we find in nature - flexible and pliant, which bend rather than break when confronted with an immovable object. What are the benefits of a robot like this?


Sunshine Model 'A' tractor, c1918

This is a working model of a Sunshine Model 'A' tractor, manufactured by the H V McKay company in Sunshine, Victoria, in about 1918. Patented in 1916, the Model 'A' tractor was designed for use as the propulsion unit for a self-propelled stripper harvester, or as a stand-alone tractor. It is powered by a four-cylinder, ...


Magic lantern burner

This is an oil burner used to illuminate a magic lantern - an early type of slide projector. The burner measures 7.3 cm (length) x 6.1 cm (width) x 4.7 cm (height). The date of manufacture is unknown.


Hugh McKay with representatives of the Russian Agricultural Society, 1912

This is a black-and-white photograph of industrialist and inventor Hugh McKay with representatives of the Russian Agricultural Society, taken during McKay’s marketing tour of Russia in 1912. The photograph appears to be part of a newspaper cutting and shows about 22 men dressed formally in suits, shirts and ties. They are ...


BBSRC: What lives inside a chicken?

This is a pair of videos accompanied by detailed text and still images showing the chicken microbiome research project conducted by Professor Mark Pallen. The first video explains the focus of the research - the metagenomic analysis of the bacteria that live in the two caeca of a chicken's gut. The second focuses on the ...


Apple AirPort Base Station (Graphite), 1999

This is the original Apple AirPort Base Station model, also known as Graphite. It is used to wirelessly network computers and peripherals, and has telephone, ethernet and power connection ports. It was in production between 1999 and 2001.


Magic lantern glass slide, person with wobbling chin, late 19th century

This is a glass slide for use in a magic lantern projector. It is a colour image of a person with a wobbling chin. The chin was wobbled with mechanical lever.


Timber hut at Hugh McKay's family farm, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph of the blacksmith's hut in which Hugh McKay, owner of the Sunshine Harvester Works, created his first stripper harvester. The timber hut is seen in 1928 in its original location in Drummartin in rural Victoria, prior to its relocation to the Sunshine Harvester factory in Melbourne's ...


Duigan biplane, 1910

This is a photograph of John Robertson Duigan at the controls of the aeroplane he designed and built in 1909-10. The plane appears to be on top of a hill in a rural area. Duigan is holding a control and looking away from the camera. Some struts and parts of the wings are visible. At the rear of the plane is a large propeller. ...


Pipe dreams, 2007: O'Connor's dream for water

This clip is an excerpt from the 2007 film 'Pipe dreams' (55 min), the second episode of a three-part series entitled 'Constructing Australia'. Over black-and-white photographs and dramatised video of the key players, a narrator describes the significant challenges of supplying water to the WA goldfields in the late 19th ...


Plan of the Sunshine Harvester Works, 1906

This is a plan showing the Sunshine Harvester Works at Sunshine in Melbourne, Victoria. Dated 1906, the plan depicts a creek running through the property, all surrounding roads, and two railway lines running into the site. Factory departments are highlighted in blue or pink. The plan has been drawn by hand in black ink ...


CSIRO: protecting cereals from cold and drought

This is 2-page CSIRO information sheet that describes the difficulty of producing consistent rice yields in Australia as a result of low-temperature sterility and a shortage of irrigation water. Scientists discovered that their strategy of genetic manipulation for improving cold tolerance in rice also resulted in improved ...


CSIRAC computer and CSIRO team, 1958

This is a black-and-white photograph of the team from the CSIRO Division of Building Research with the CSIRAC computer. Pictured (from left to right) are Bill Davern, John Russell, Roy Muncey, Don Beresford, and Terry Holden. The three men in the centre are working at the console. The two on the right are working at the ...


Cover of The Reformer journal, 1905

This is the cover of an edition of a journal, titled The Reformer, dated 31 August 1905. The cover describes it as 'A FORTNIGHTLY JOURNAL FOR PRODUCERS' and includes the text 'SPECIAL ISSUE. THE HARVESTER QUESTION'. Below this text is a cartoon depicting two figures - industrialist Hugh Victor McKay on the left, and on ...


Sunshine harvester at McKay family home, c1884-86

This is a black-and-white photograph of a Sunshine harvester, produced by inventor and industrialist Hugh Victor McKay. The harvester, left, is sitting outside the original wooden-slab 'smithy', or blacksmith's workshop, at the McKay family home at Drummartin, west of Elmore, Victoria. On the right are an unknown bearded ...


Apple Macintosh Quadra 900 computer, 1991

This is an Apple Macintosh Quadra 900 computer tower and monitor, pictured with a second monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.