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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Geometry  >  Angles  >  Adjacent angles

BBC Bitesize: intersecting and parallel lines - revision

These illustrated information sheets review the definition of intersecting and parallel lines, and angle facts for vertically opposite, alternate, corresponding and co-interior angles. A test that provides immediate feedback can be used for further consolidation. This resource is one of a series of online resources from ...


BBC Bitesize: polygons - revision

These illustrated information sheets summarise the number of sides, shape and sum of internal angles for triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons. Exterior angles and their sum are defined. To consolidate their knowledge, students are provided with a question that gives immediate feedback. This resource is one ...

Teacher resource

Geometric reasoning including parallel lines and angle sum of a triangle

This is a website designed for both teachers and students that addresses geometry from the Australian Curriculum for year 9 students. It contains material on geometry and includes information regarding parallel lines and the angle sum of triangles. There are pages for both teachers and students. The student pages contain ...