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Boys in front of Nissen huts at Nunawading Migrant Hostel, 1958-59

This is a black-and-white photograph showing teenager Michael Clarke and a friend leaning against a tree in front of Nissen huts at the Nunawading Migrant Hostel.


Young people and asthma: support

This clip shows six young people with asthma discussing the importance of those closest to them. They explain how friends and family help observe their asthma symptoms, remind them to take medication and help them when they are unwell. The students also discuss the value of the broader support network that includes teachers, ...


Young people and mental health: what's going on?

This clip shows young Indigenous and non-Indigenous people describing how they became aware, often slowly and through family and friends, that they were experiencing mental ill health. They talk variously about the effects of their illness on their emotions and behaviours. One mentions the effects of his drug-induced psychosis. ...


Young people and mental health: I've got what?

This clip shows young people talking about their experience of seeking help and receiving a diagnosis. They reflect on how they felt when a health care professional named the illness. The illnesses discussed in the clip include depression, post traumatic stress disorder, psychotic depression, drug-induced psychosis, bipolar ...


Young people and mental health: school and teachers

This clip shows young people discussing the effects of mental health issues on their education, and the importance of teachers and the school environment in their lives. They describe the effects of disruptions to school life and reflect on ways that the school community may have better supported them during the early days ...


Young people and mental health: staying well

The clip shows young people talking about different strategies for staying well, which include avoiding things that can trigger episodes of illness, such as stress. They say that a combination of approaches tends to be most effective for them, and that it is possible to stay well and to lead a fulfilling life with a mental ...


Young people and mental health: medication

This clip shows young people discussing medications for their mental illness. They describe the process of finding the right medication, and the positive and negative aspects, including side effects, of taking it. They explain that medication is an important part of managing their illness, but that other factors also contribute ...


Young people and mental health: taking action early

This clip shows young people talking about the importance of taking early action as soon as the signs of mental illness are noticed. They describe the important role that family and friends play in identifying behavioural changes and the early onset of the condition, and say that earlier intervention might have lessened ...


Young people and mental health: you are not alone

This clip shows young people describing the range of support available for those with a mental illness, including help provided by health professionals, peers and teachers. They also reflect on the things that can make people with a mental illness feel more positive and hopeful, including the benefits of knowing they are ...


Young people and mental health: words of wisdom

This clip shows young people sharing what they have learned from their experiences of being ill and managing a mental health issue. They talk about the need for young people to listen when their family and friends show concern or notice behavioural changes. They also encourage seeking professional help early, at the first ...


The Oasis - Ashley

Ash had a tough start to life. He lost his dad to an overdose on his fourth birthday and was hit, near-fatally, by a car at a pedestrian crossing on the way to school when he was 9. Life hasn't exactly been smooth. Now 21, he has broken through the hard times and is living his dream of renting a flat by the ocean in Maroubra, ...


The Oasis - Esther

Esther is an accomplished artist who spends all her free time making jewellery with whatever materials she can find. She often sets up a stall and sells her pieces outside Oasis. Esther was living on the streets for untold months before she finally secured more stable accommodation; first in boarding houses and then in ...


The Oasis - Fletch

Fletch came to Oasis from country New South Wales in his late teens after a turbulent childhood and still has all the honesty, generosity and wholesomeness of a country boy. He has worked with the Salvos landscaping team, completed the Foxtel Street TV video-making course and lives in independent housing. This short film ...


The Oasis - Jodie

Jodie has had a tough time in the past living in refuges and caught up in street life, but things are looking good now that she is approaching motherhood. Life is stable and she shares a flat with her long-term partner Matt in public housing in Redfern. The biggest thrill will be taking her baby home and caring for him ...


The Oasis - Matty

Matty suffered greatly as a young boy through the loss of his parents and subsequently spiralled into serious drug addiction. Now in his early 20s, he is just getting his life together and has made dramatic improvements few believed were possible. In 2007 he worked consistently on the Oasis maintenance team and lived in ...


The Oasis - Sonya

Sonya has emerged from her troubled teenage years as an inspiring, strong, educated and motivated young woman. She talks from experience about future aspirations and getting her life together after heroin addiction and hitting rock bottom. This short film is one of a series that shows the plight of young homeless people ...

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Australian teen culture: birth of skateboarding

Since its creation in California in the 1950s, skateboarding, or 'skating', has been more than a sport. Beginning as an activity for surfers when they weren't in the water, it quickly came to represent a culture, and an attitude, all its own. In this clip from 1976, watch Australian teenagers skate the streets and an empty ...

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Makeup and manners: roles for 12-year-old girls

How have society's expectations of young women changed in since the 1970s? This report from the ground-breaking current affairs program This Day Tonight provides an indication of the sorts of opportunities available to young women in the 70s.

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Teen titles dominate! The YA publishing industry

The Young Adult, or YA, publishing industry has exploded in recent years. But what is driving this surge in novels for teenagers? Join a panel of YA writers as they explore why this once niche market has become a literary phenomenon.

Interactive resource

The Sven Callaway Show: drugs

Watch a talk show host interviewing people about drug issues: students, health experts and a studio audience. Look at drug usage, health effects and peer pressure. Explore a range of opinions including 'way out' ideas. Notice how people interpret facts differently. Research a topic, then describe your views on the key issues. ...