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Cover of The Reformer journal, 1905

This is the cover of an edition of a journal, titled The Reformer, dated 31 August 1905. The cover describes it as 'A FORTNIGHTLY JOURNAL FOR PRODUCERS' and includes the text 'SPECIAL ISSUE. THE HARVESTER QUESTION'. Below this text is a cartoon depicting two figures - industrialist Hugh Victor McKay on the left, and on ...

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: people and events of the first parliament

Interact with a slideshow of images and text to examine the role of particular individuals who were involved in not only the ceremonies but also the business of Australia’s first parliament. Investigate the library to find out more about the issues which the first parliament dealt with and its response to these issues. ...


Joe Leahy's Neighbours, 1988: 'Debate '

The clip shows a community meeting in which a Ganiga man debates with Joe Leahy about the fair allocation of profits from their shared Kaugum coffee plantation in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Highlands. After the man's initial speech referring to the 60-40 per cent split of profits, Leahy replies. There are more questions ...


'The claim disputed', c1852

This is a watercolour, measuring 19.4 cm x 25.4 cm, by Samuel Thomas Gill (1818-80), a famous colonial artist. It shows a well-dressed man - presumably the Gold Commissioner - arbitrating a dispute over a claim involving three diggers, probably on the Victorian gold fields. Two of the diggers are in animated discussion ...


Prices and the People, 1948: Prices and wages

This black-and-white clip shows a series of dramatisations to indicate that working-class people are unable to afford basic goods, and includes actuality footage that shows workers protesting against low wages and increasing prices. In the final scenes of the clip manufacturers are shown being given approval to raise prices ...


Prices and the People, 1948: Who gets the profits?

This black-and-white clip uses actuality and dramatised footage accompanied by narration to argue that rising prices are lowering living standards for ordinary Australians and widening the gap between the socioeconomic classes. Footage of an elderly pensioner subsisting on a meagre pension is contrasted with dramatised ...