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New Zealand hatchetfish

This is a colour photograph of a New Zealand hatchetfish ('Polyipnus kiwiensis') in a transparent container. The organs responsible for bioluminescence are visible against the black background. The keel-shaped abdomen of the hatchetfish can also be seen.


Aquarium GloFish pets

This is a colour photograph of 12 bright pinkish-red fish swimming in a fish tank. These 'GloFish' have been genetically modified to include a fluorescent gene so that they glow under white or ultraviolet light ('GloFish' is a registered name). GloFish are among the first genetically modified animals to be sold as pets. ...


Jellyfish under water

This is a colour photograph of a jellyfish under water. This image has a dark-blue background and the jellyfish is pale blue in colour and appears to glow. The characteristic bell shape of a jellyfish is displayed and its tentacles are also visible.