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Rescuing the past, 1983

This video clip outlines how the French colonists discouraged and suppressed Tahiti's traditional culture and shows that in spite of this it is now re-emerging. 'Rescuing the Past' is an excerpt from the documentary 'A place of power in French Polynesia', an episode of the six-part series 'The human face of the Pacific', ...

Interactive resource

Dressing up: traditional wedding [Chinese]

Explore clothes worn in China. Identify clothing items suitable for wearing to a traditional wedding. Follow instructions to dress a boy or girl. This learning object is one in a series of three objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.

Interactive resource

Dressing up [Chinese]

Explore clothes worn in China to school, kung fu training or a traditional wedding. Identify clothing items suitable for each activity. Follow instructions to dress a boy or girl. This learning object is a combination of three objects in the same series.


Cockatoo Island: HMAS Success Launching, 1984

This clip shows the HMAS Success being launched from Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour on 3 March 1984 in front of a large crowd. After a number of failed attempts, Lady Valerie Stephen, wife of the then governor-general Sir Ninian Stephen, succeeds in breaking a bottle of champagne across the bow of the ship. She then ...


Wedding dress worn by Hannah Palser Prior, 1882

This is a wedding dress worn by Hannah Palser Prior on her wedding day in 1882. The dress is made from silk gauze and has a cream wool-and-silk trained bustle. The skirt is trimmed with shirring and pleating and the cuffs and yoke are ruched white satin. The dress has a cuirasse bodice with a high round neck, long sleeves ...


Kewpie doll used at Sydney Olympic Games closing ceremony, 2000

This is an oversized prop kewpie doll comprising a head, arms, legs and torso cast in fibreglass. It was used at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games closing ceremony. The 'skin' of the kewpie is painted pink, and the moulded facial features and hair are also painted. A red bodice has been painted onto the torso. Two arms attach ...


Sydney 2000 Olympic Games torch carried by Cathy Freeman

This is the torch that was carried by Cathy Freeman and other celebrated Australians at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The torch is slightly arc-shaped, tapering towards the base, and it is made from shaped polished steel. A pivoting cover sleeve provides access to the fuel cylinder. The cover is made up of two shells; ...


Wedding gown and wedding photographs, 1952

This is a wedding dress worn by Betty McInerney (nee Stormon) and designed and made by Beril Jents in 1952. There are also accompanying photographs of the clothes being worn at the wedding. The wedding-dress ensemble comprises a dress, petticoat, bridal cap and gloves. The pencil-line silk satin dress has a voluminous overskirt ...


Wedding veil first worn by Emily Green, c1865

This is a cream cotton rectangular wedding veil of tamboured machine-made net with a pattern of flowers, sprigs and leaves and a scalloped edge. It was made in Irelandaround 1865.


Painted gum leaf postcards, 1900-20

These cream-coloured postcards, each with a painted gum leaf attached to one side and writing on the reverse, were printed by AG Jones of Melbourne in the early decades of the 20th century. One postcard is decorated with a man seated on a log beside a bark hut and a tree with two kookaburras and a red-breasted bird sitting ...


Seating arrangements plan for the opening of Federal Parliament, 1901

This is a seating plan for the opening of the first Australian Federal Parliament on 9 May 1901 in the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Seating areas for invited guests are printed in red. A key to ticket colours is provided in the bottom right-hand corner of the plan.


Set of wooden dais steps, 1901

This is set of wooden dais steps used at the Exhibition Building, Carlton, at the opening of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia on 9 May 1901.


Menu for Commonwealth Celebrations, 1901

This is a small folder containing a menu. It is printed on four sides (two visible here). The front is in brown, gold and green, with images of kangaroos, tree ferns and wattle in a frame. Printed on the front are the words: 'COMMONWEALTH / CELEBRATIONS / CONVERSAZIONE / Given by / THE STATE OF / VICTORIA / AT THE EXHIBITION ...


Invitation to a reception for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, 1901

This a highly coloured invitation to a reception to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York. The invitiation states: 'His Majesty's / MINISTERS OF STATE FOR AUSTRALIA / have the honor to invite / Mr and Mrs Anthony Clota / to an Evening Reception at the / Exhibition Building MELBOURNE, / on the 9th of May 1901, at ...


Invitation to celebrations for the opening of Federal Parliament, 1901

This is an invitation to the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia by the Duke of Cornwall and York. It is a lithograph on white card. On the right a female figure representing Australia stands above the Australian coat of arms. She faces a figure of Britannia, who stands above the royal coat of arms. ...


Memento booklet for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, 1901

This is an 80-page book with a soft cover coloured grey-green with gold details. The words 'THE / DUKE / AND / DUCHESS', are printed in white on green inside a border of gold Celtic scrolls. On the right is printed: 'A MEMENTO / OF THEIR VISIT / TO MELBOURNE / AND OPENING / OF THE FIRST / COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENT / OF AUSTRALIA ...


Official directory of guests for the opening of the first Parliament, 1901

This is a hard-covered book titled 'Our invited guests: an official directory of the guests invited to Melbourne May 9th 1901 for the opening of the first parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia'. The book cover, shown here, is blue with gold lettering and detail. At top left is the Advance Australia coat of arms and ...


Irene Jerzyk dressed for First Communion with mother at Midway Migrant Hostel, Maribyrnong, 1950

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Irene Jerzyk with her mother, Janina, at Midway Migrant Hostel, Maribyrnong. Irene is dressed for First Communion. The photograph was taken in 1950. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Christine Dunlop dressed for First Communion with her aunt, Northcote, 1959

This is a black-and-white photograph of Christine Dunlop with her aunt, Sister Anne-Mary, in the back garden of the convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Northcote. Christine is dressed for First Communion, which was hosted by Sister Anne-Mary. The photograph was taken on 25 October 1959. The image is a digital scan ...


Extended family of Alexander Spasevski celebrating christening, Seddon, 1990

This is a colour photograph showing the christening of Alexander Spasevski at the Macedonian Orthodox church in Victoria Street, Seddon, a western suburb in Melbourne, on 5 August 1990.