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Finding an audience for digital art

Are festivals, galleries and exhibitions outdated and ineffective compared to the opportunities presented to artists online? Paul Robertson's animations are seen by millions at the click of a mouse. The distribution and 'exhibition' of his work raises questions about the traditional mechanisms of the art world.

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Advertising for love

In 1875, when Edward William Cole was in need of a wife, he did the practical thing: he advertised for one. Mr Cole owned what was, in its time, regarded as the largest bookstore in the world, Cole's Book Arcade in Melbourne. In this clip, Aden Rolfe tells a quirky Australian love story, using digital media and illustrations ...

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Creative block: the art of getting unblocked

Lorelei Vashti has a book deal with a publisher. Now, if she could only write the book! This is a story about one writer's inability to write her book, told through another medium - digital storytelling - using the beautiful illustrations of artist Grace Lee. Oh, and there is a talking dog! This clip was taken from a series ...

Interactive Resource


This is a free application for the iPad that focuses on creating drawings and sketches using virtual professional-grade tools and brushes, and imaging techniques. It features a full-screen workspace and an 11-icon menu including pan and zoom navigation, a brush editor, colour wheels with HSB and RBG colour space, an eye-dropper ...

Interactive Resource

Brushes 3

This is a free application for the iPad and iPhone that focuses on creating paintings using a range of virtual brushes and editing features. It includes a full-screen workspace and an icon menu that enables various-sized brush strokes, adjustable brush shapes and settings, a colour wheel and colour matcher and undo and ...

Teacher resource

Digital Dali: Surrealism in art today

This is a resource which describes a step-by-step student activity to create a surrealist-style artwork with digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements. It was developed by the Adobe Education Exchange. The resource includes downloads of a comprehensive lesson plan, detailed peer assessment criteria, and technical ...

Teacher resource

Impressionist artwork

This is a resource titled 'Impressionist artwork' that guides students' use of digital photography to analyse and interpret the art genre, Impressionism. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements, students can communicate their understanding of the genre by creating their own 'impressionist' artwork from an original photo. The resource ...

Teacher resource

Visual pun fun

This is a resource titled 'Visual pun fun' that leads students through an activity where they create a visual pun using two or more images to suggest a new meaning. Students use Adobe Photoshop Elements to manipulate their chosen images to create their pun. The resource contains a simple lesson plan, technical guides explaining ...

Teacher resource

Visual dictionary

This is a resource titled 'Visual dictionary' that develops students' higher order thinking skills through the visual representation and interpretation of words. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements, students create and add an image to a class visual and audio dictionary. The resource contains links to a 7-step lesson plan that ...

Teacher resource


This resource is a group activity that teaches problem-solving and prediction-making skills. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements, the resource contains an 8-step lesson plan for producing visual patterns according to a unique set of rules. Groups then swap patterns, and are required to identify the new rules and predict the ...

Teacher resource

Alliteration poem

This is a resource that teaches students to write an alliteration-style poem, create a visual representation of the poem, and combine the two forms using Adobe Photoshop Elements. The resource consists of a 7-step lesson plan that introduces the topic to students and leads them through the process; guides to relevant technical ...

Teacher resource

A person in time

This downloadable zip file is part of the Adobe digital school collection of resources. It contains a PDF lesson plan on researching a person in time, as well as several folders containing technical guides for Adobe Photoshop Elements, digital photography guides and technical guides for Adobe Premiere Elements and Acrobat ...

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InsideArt: design exploration

This is an album of six videos that focus on contemporary artists whose works encompass a wide variety of materials, analogue and digital technologies, techniques and processes, scales and performances. Michel Lawrence interviews the following artists: Stephen Haley; Cristina Popovici; Andrew Rogers; Paul Yore; Gosia Wlodarczak; ...

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Digital Careers: Manga artist

New digital technologies have changed the way artists make art. Cecilia Jin is an award-winning manga artist, digital illustrator, art teacher and games concept designer. Cecilia started out using pencil, ink and paint but nowadays she's just as likely to make fantastic artwork using a computer.

Interactive Resource

Paper by Fifty three - iTunes app

Jot down notes and sketch using five different drawing and painting tools. Create your own pages or journals and save the pages to your camera roll. Free when reviewed 26/5/2015

Interactive Resource

Brushes Redux - iTunes app

Create paintings using editable brushes with a range of brush effects. Includes layers, transparency, and ability to export and import images. Unlimited undo and redo allows you replay your brushstrokes. Images can be saved to camera roll, file sharing, emailed or posted on social media. Free when reviewed 27/5/2015.

Teacher resource

Teach and learn with Adobe

This resource is an overview of Adobe tools and services available to DoE teachers and students. It highlights what software can be used for the creation of digital products and explores relevant teaching and learning resources. Links to tutorials for working with the tools are provided, along with ideas about how and when ...

Interactive Resource

Vivid Sydney – 77 Million Paintings

A series of video interviews with Nick Robertson about Brian Eno's '77 Million Paintings' installation, which was part of an exhibition in Vivid Sydney 2009. The resource includes clips of the installation.

Interactive Resource

MOVE primary – art in motion

MOVE primary was created to introduce and inspire primary students to the magic and possibilities of video art. Each of these five highly acclaimed young Australian artists, Shaun Galdwell, Jess MacNeil, Joan Ross, Grant Stevens and Daniel von Sturmer, brings different ideas and techniques to work which we hope will succeed ...