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Teacher resource

Stages of life - unit of work

This unit looks at life and its cyclical nature from the perspective of both the poet and the scientist. Students will develop an understanding of basic plant biology while simultaneously exploring aspects of the play 'As you like it', including the seven stages of life speech. The unit aims to foster an understanding that ...


Compass - Buddha Realms, Part 1, 2001: Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

This clip shows important Buddhist sites at Bodh Gaya in eastern India, the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment. The narrator, Dr Rachel Kohn, and Peter Harvey, an expert on Buddhism from the University of Sunderland in the UK, describe some of the Buddha's teachings and relate events in his life and in the history ...


Bliss, 1985: Bliss, punishment, heaven and hell

This clip shows Harry Joy (Barry Otto) at lunch with family and friends as a voice-over describes his seemingly perfect life and then what appears to be his sudden death. Harry steps outdoors, the screen fades to black, the camera moves upwards and the viewer looks down on his prostrate body. Harry's shocked family gathers ...


Franklin River Journey, 1980: Attraction of the wilderness

This clip shows amateur botanist Antonius Moscal rafting down the Franklin River in south-western Tasmania in 1980. In voice-over, actor John Bluthnal translates Moscal and quotes him as he reflects on his attraction to the wilderness and his philosophy and attitudes to nature and God. A soundtrack of haunting liturgical ...