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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Finance  >  Foreign exchange
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Calculating ratios using the value of the Australian dollar

The value of the Australian dollar rises and falls on a regular basis. Listen to Kirsty Bennett explain how this is good if we want to purchase goods that are produced overseas but makes Australia a more expensive place for tourists to visit. This clip provides a context to calculate ratios.

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Calculating ratios: Australian and US dollar

Have you looked at buying an item in Australia compared to buying it online? Often the online price needs to be converted to Australian dollars (AUD). Listen to Sarah Larsen describe the value of the 'Aussie' dollar compared to the US dollar (USD) and why the value keeps on changing. This clip provides a context to calculate ...

Teacher resource

MoneySmart: How can we access money overseas?

This is a year 8 mathematics unit of work about converting currency, accessing money overseas and bartering to acquire goods. Intended to take about ten hours, the unit consists of five sets of student tasks supported by teacher notes. Tasks include calculating the costs of converting Australian dollars to Japanese yen ...